If the Price is right, but is it wise to bet against the Yankees?

If the Price is right, but is it wise to bet against the Yankees?

June 08, 2017 6:34 AM


It’s no secret, I love watching baseball and when it comes to choosing a rivalry game to see, there’s none better than the Red Sox and Yankees.

Since my favorite baseball player is now a member of the Red Sox, I find myself hating them less. In fact, I actually bet on the boys from Fenway to take home the World Series this year.

Would I change my bet? I might. I may actually opt for the men in stripes, another team I grew up despising, only always respected. 

There are some teams I do not like to bet against, and one of those is the New York Yankees. They seem to be heating up and this on deck game is going to be an exciting duel, but which way should one bet? Well, let’s think about it and by the end of this writing, choose a side.

Betting on major league baseball is done according to the money line. When you bet the favorite, you lay odds and wager more than the amount you hope to win. If playing the underdog, you will win more than you bet. As of this writing, Thursday’s game has the Yankees at -115 at William Hill. This means that you need to lay $115 to win a $100. The Red Sox are +105, which means you would win $105 if you bet $100. 

Can you tell I’m actually taking this sports betting thing seriously? Rather than just share which team I think will win, or whether the total will go over the predicted number, I’m actually taking a look at the odds, and the amount of money one would win if they placed a bet.

Okay, so one of the things you need to know before you choose a side is who’s pitching, and how that pitcher is doing as of late. Tomorrow’s duel is between David Price, and Michael Pineda.Only, who is pitching as of this writing might matter more. In baseball, you might only be as hot as you’re latest win.

The Red Sox lost Wednesday’s game so Price has that much more pressure on him to come out on top. So I’m going to suggest taking a look at Wednesday’s result and then decide whether you’ll put your money on momentum.

With the Yankees winning handily Wednesday night, it’s my guess that they will win again Thursday. I would not bet against the Yankees when they face Price. If you’re into totals, keep an eye on the Wednesday night score, and do a careful assessment. If you can find a total somewhere near 9, you might want to bet the UNDER using Wednesday’s result as an indicator. 

Rivalry games can be funny, and what’s supposed to happen is that it will be a great game. If you want to have fun, take the OVER, watch it and enjoy.

Michelle will post pick on Twitter over @BetsLikeAGirl and share her side at BetsLikeAGirl.com prior to the game’s first pitch.