Sports betting's future will not resemble what we see now

Sports betting's future will not resemble what we see now

February 28, 2017 3:00 AM


Which pro league is going to be first to take advantage of sports betting if and when our federal government legalizes it?

The sports betting world is fast changing. In a few years it will not resemble what we see now. Las Vegas is the world’s high tech sports betting model but what lies ahead could leave Las Vegas behind.

In the tech world I might be considered a luddite but I’ve seen and helped the evolution of Las Vegas sports betting. It’s not close to mature yet. What lies ahead will make today’s mega race and sportsbooks look like the old store front books I so reverently remember and write about.

If and when the federal government legalizes sports betting a few enlightened minds will cash in big time. Imagine stadiums with betting windows, not unlike race tracks. What about seats with betting terminals? Just deposit your money in an account and then try to win it back, like now in Las Vegas.

Not out of the question when so much money is to be cut up. Politicians, team owners, stadiums and/or big Las Vegas hotel corporations will be fighting over the franchises, i.e. licenses. The street bookies will have another out to layoff. It’s mind boggling just trying to get your head around the possibilities.

If the professional leagues drop their hypocrisy they will rule big time. Those stadium betting windows could be theirs but that’s way too much for even me to imagine. The NFL will still hold their noses but the NBA will be first to cash in, then MLB will follow. They’re both hinting at recognizing sports betting now.

Who knows what’s going to happen when college teams seek union representation. It’s going to happen. Northwestern University was first then others will follow one by one.

How long till Alabama, Auburn, Ohio State, Michigan, USC, Texas, Notre Dame and maybe other big stadium teams like LSU, Clemson, UCLA, Penn State, etc. drop out of the NCAA and form a super grid iron league? The NCAA deserves it. They will have earned it all by their egotistical selves.

Oh well like the Skyliners sang “I can dream can’t I?” If you have to google them your too old. Take care, Scotty,