NBA's Lakers

Apr 6, 2010 7:03 AM

If any of you ever had a doubt about LeBron being the greatest player of all time, you didn’t watch him play the Celtics on Easter Sunday. When he decides to go to the rim, he is unstoppable, even going against a team that is noted for its defense like Boston. Barring any injuries to the King, the Cavs will be in the finals, I guarantee it.

As a bettor, one can take them in every playoff series and it’s just like stealing. I know they’ll be big favorites, but you can parlay them and end up with a respectable return for your money. The above goes with or without Shaq!

The Lakers’ road may turn out to be bumpy, as both Texas teams are dangerous and capable of unseating them, not to mention Denver, which can get hot. But I do believe Artes can contain (give me the ball) Anthony, so I can’t really put them in the mix.

My boss, Eileen Di Rocco, keeps writing about all the Italian restaurants she visits, so I guess I can also give a restaurant story.

Last Friday I had my grandson Nate and his best buddy Chandler for the day as they were on spring break. After softball in the morning I gave them the option of going anywhere for lunch. Hoping they wouldn’t pick Spago or Emeril’s place, they settled on Dick’s Last Resort, located in the Excalibur Hotel. I said "fine," as I hadn’t been to the Excalibur for 10 years, and was curious how the place held out, especially the sports book.

I was shocked at the number of people in the hotel, but couldn’t find the sports book. After receiving directions, I found a small room with more chairs than tables, and only two writers on the line. I was aware of the downsizing of sports books, but it was difficult to swallow this room, after working so many years in a room four times larger.

Anyway, we find Dick’s Last Resort and get seated and by this time I am hungry. The first thing the waitress says is, "I’m not ready to serve you, so I’ll be back in a half hour." She then throws about 50 napkins on the table and leaves.

I was somewhat warned by the boys of the politeness of the employees, so I thought it was quite cool. Well, it turned out to be a refreshing lunch. With all that goes on in this place, with hats, balloons, sarcastic statements by the employees, etc., we really had a great time.

I’d term the hour or so there an "event" as opposed to a plain lunch. I thought it was great, and we had a good time. The next time someone comes into town to visit I’ll be sure to take them there and not tell them what to expect. I enjoyed the lunch, even if it wasn’t Italian food, Eileen!

Have a great week!

P.S. Just a reminder, the Weather Channel gives you wind and temperatures on every city in the country. It’s really a great idea to know what you are betting on and how the weather will affect your team.