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Brian Spaen

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Brian Spaen is the managing editor for Gaming Today. He has been a content writer and editor in various industries, including sports betting, environmental technology, and higher education. Brian is a graduate of Iowa State University and currently resides in Des Moines, Iowa.

About Brian Spaen

Brian Spaen is the managing editor of Gaming Today. He studied journalism and mass communication at Iowa State University. Previously, he wrote stories on renewable energy and electric vehicles at Green Matters. Various stories focused on new energy distribution technology, Tesla’s evolution, other Elon Musk projects, ways to improve human wastefulness, what organizations have done to curb their carbon footprint, and improvements in renewable energy sources including solar, wind, and hydropower.

Brian was also a previous site manager at various college education websites that aggregated the best-accredited universities in various disciplines. This included the subjects of data science, data analytics, cybersecurity, accounting, social work, psychology, and journalism. These websites highlighted the best universities to consider in the United States and separated discipline availability by state. With an ongoing transition to more available education online, the website highlighted programs that were available completely online or in a hybrid format with limited visits to campus. Other previous work includes covering Iowa State Cyclones athletics on a fan-focused blog covering video game industry news and providing commentary on the topic at various outlets.

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