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Corey Roepken

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Corey Roepken is an editor and contributor for Gaming Today. Roepken has 20 years of experience as a sports journalist in Michigan, Texas, and Tennessee. Most notably, he covered professional and international soccer for the Houston Chronicle. He has also covered college softball, SEC football, the MLB, and the NFL

About Corey Roepken

Corey is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University, where he studied journalism. He has worked as a sports reporter for the Ann Arbor (Mich.) News, the Galveston County (Texas) Daily News, Houston Community Newspapers, the Houston Chronicle, and the Maryville (Tenn.) Daily Times. He has covered everything from high school and college sports to professional soccer to the NBA, MLB, and the NFL.

As a native of Ohio, he roots for the Buckeyes, the Reds, and the Bengals. He doesn’t expect to get over the Bengals lining up in an empty set on 4th-and-1 against the NFL’s best pass rush in the last minute of the Super Bowl for a long, long time.

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