Super Bowl Gatorade Color Odds: Yellow-Green the Betting Favorite

A glance at sportsbooks ahead of Super Bowl 57 reveals there are hundreds of bets available on the game. Many of those are prop bets. One of the most peculiar (and talked-about) is Gatorade Color Super Bowl odds. With that prop, you’re picking which color the Gatorade will be that is poured onto the winning head coach.

While some may think such a prop bet is silly, in recent years, an increasing number of bettors have chosen to wager on the Gatorade bath, making it one of the most popular non-game props on the market. It’s a cousin to the length of the halftime show prop, or the result of the coin flip prop bet. It’s the Super Bowl! Let’s look at the odds on this wet and sticky prop market.

Super Bowl Gatorade Color Odds

Either Andy Reid (Kansas City Chiefs head coach) or Nick Sirianni (Philadelphia Eagles head coach) will be the target of a Gatorade Bath as the final seconds tick off in Super Bowl 57 on Sunday. For the purposes of this prop bet though, you have to correctly pick the color of the Gatorade, not which team wins.

Here are the odds from BetMGM Sportsbook:

Gatorade ColorBetMGM odds

If you correctly wager $100 on water or clear Gatorade being poured onto the winning coach after Super Bowl 57, you’ll win $600 from BetMGM. Any winning $100 bet on the colors above would result in at least $275 in your (dry) pocket.

*When the Chiefs won Super Bowl 54, Andy Reid was doused in orange Gatorade, for what that information is worth.

It’s worth noting that purple has never been doused on a winning coach. It’s also worth mentioning that Gatorade has offered at least 18 different colors in its history, since 1969, even black.

Can I Bet on the Super Bowl Gatorade Color?

Last year for Super Bowl 56, Arizona, Indiana, Louisiana, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Wyoming permitted Gatorade color prop betting. Check your state to see if your sportsbook allows this prop bet.

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History of the Gatorade Bath

According to lore, the Gatorade Bath began as a celebration of a rivalry-game win on Oct. 28, 1984. That afternoon, Bill Parcells, coach of the Giants, was flooded with Gatorade from a large cooler by Jim Burt, a nose tackle for New York. The Giants had just defeated the Redskins, one of their most bitter rivals and the two-time defending NFC champs.

Gatorade Color Super Bowl Odds
What color is the Gatorade waiting for the winning Super Bowl coach? Check out the odds (AP Photo/Bart Young)

For the next few seasons, Burt and a few of his teammates continued the Gatorade tradition after key wins. At that time, it was called “the Gatorade Shower” and “the Gatorade Dunk,” as well as Gatorade Bath.

How famous did the Gatorade Bath become? Famed television broadcaster (and video game creator) John Madden used his telestrator to describe a Gatorade incident on an NFL broadcast. In 2005, Darren Rovell published First in Thirst: How Gatorade Turned the Science of Sweat into a Cultural Phenomenon, a book that spent several weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list.

The NFL even has a compilation video of the greatest Gatorade baths in history.

Former Chicago Bears head coach Mike Ditka once said, “If you’ve never had a Gatorade Bath, you’ve never done anything very exceptional.”

History of Gatorade Baths at the Super Bowl

The first Gatorade Bath after a Super Bowl came in 1986 when the Bears and Ditka defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XX. One of the most iconic baths occurred after Super Bowl XLII, again involving the Patriots, when Giants head coach Tom Coughlin was the target of his players following an upset victory.

Here’s the historical breakdown of the Super Bowl Gatorade bath by color, via BetSided (for games where the bath was tracked):

ColorGatorade Bath

That means in 17% of the Super Bowls (when there’s been a Gatorade Bath watch), there was no Gatorade Bath. Beware, bettors! Maybe Reid and Sirianni wish to keep their hair dry.

How would you pick your Gatorade Bath prop bet? Go with the best odds, the longest odds, or your favorite color/flavor?

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