NFL Week 16 Totals: Bucs-Panthers Over/Under Drops With Injury News

Bucs RB Ronald Jones (Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will try to rebound from their shutout loss to New Orleans in Week 16 when they face the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte in NFL Week 16. The total for this contest has dropped from an opener of 48 to 44 at several sportsbooks, including BetMGM.

SuperBook USA posted the opening total prior to Tampa Bay’s loss of star WR Chris Godwin to a torn ACL against the Saints on Sunday night. WR Mike Evans and RB Leonard Fournette are also being monitored with strained hamstrings. Evans appears to have a better chance to play Sunday than does Fournette.

While Carolina has been virtually eliminated from playoff contention, the Bucs (10-4) are currently the NFC’s third seed and trail No. 1 seed Green Bay (11-4) by one game.

Cam Newton and Sam Darnold are both expected to see time at QB for the Panthers.

Let’s examine the remainder of Week 16 totals with all lines current as of Thursday morning.

Game Time Teams Open
Thu (12/21) @ 8:16pm ET NO Saints u46.5 +105 u52.5 -200 u46.5 +105 u45.5 -110 u45.5 -114 u46.5 +100 u47.5 0
LA Rams o46.5 -141 o52.5 +154 o46.5 -141 o45.5 -110 o45.5 -108 o46.5 -130 o47.5 0
Sat (12/23) @ 4:31pm ET CIN Bengals o45.5 +400 o47.5 -135 o45.5 +400 o39.5 -110 o39.0 -109 o50.5 -122 o45.5 +220
PIT Steelers u45.5 -667 u47.5 +105 u45.5 -667 u39.5 -110 u39.0 -112 u50.5 -106 u45.5 -294
Sat (12/23) @ 8:05pm ET BUF Bills o44.5 +110 o44.5 -120 o44.5 +110 o43.5 -141 o48.5 0
LA Chargers u44.5 -145 u44.5 -110 u44.5 -145 u43.5 +108 u48.5 0
Sun (12/24) @ 1:01pm ET IND Colts u41.5 -110 u39.5 -125 u41.5 -110 u44 -110 u44.5 -110 u39.5 +126 u42.5 0
ATL Falcons o41.5 -120 o39.5 -105 o41.5 -120 o44 -110 o44.5 -110 o39.5 -164 o42.5 0
Sun (12/24) @ 1:01pm ET DET Lions o57.5 -145 o54.5 +170 o57.5 -145 o48 -110 o47.5 -112 o57.5 -132 o54.5 +165
MIN Vikings u57.5 +110 u54.5 -222 u57.5 +110 u48 -110 u47.5 -109 u57.5 +102 u54.5 -208
Sun (12/24) @ 1:01pm ET SEA Seahawks o39.5 +475 o30.5 -110 o39.5 +475 o42.5 -110 o42.0 -109 o32.5 -130 o30.5 0
TEN Titans u39.5 -833 u30.5 -120 u39.5 -833 u42.5 -110 u42.0 -112 u32.5 +100 u30.5 0
Sun (12/24) @ 1:02pm ET WAS Commanders u57.5 -105 u54.5 -125 u57.5 -105 u36 -110 u36.5 -109 u57.5 +108 u57.5 +120
NY Jets o57.5 -125 o54.5 -105 o57.5 -125 o36 -110 o36.5 -112 o57.5 -141 o57.5 -149
Sun (12/24) @ 1:05pm ET GB Packers u56.5 -125 u63.5 -208 u56.5 -125 u39.5 -110 u39.5 -110 u55.5 -139 u55.5 -130
CAR Panthers o56.5 -105 o63.5 +160 o56.5 -105 o39.5 -110 o39.5 -110 o55.5 +106 o55.5 +105
Sun (12/24) @ 4:06pm ET JAX Jaguars o41.5 -145 o42.5 +100 o41.5 -145 o43 -110 o43.5 -108 o43.5 -102 o44.5 0
TB Buccaneers u41.5 +110 u42.5 -130 u41.5 +110 u43 -110 u43.5 -114 u43.5 -128 u44.5 0
Sun (12/24) @ 4:26pm ET ARI Cardinals o40.5 -164 o40.5 -141 o40.5 -164 o42 -110 o42.5 -108 o41.5 +134 o43 0
CHI Bears u40.5 +125 u40.5 +110 u40.5 +125 u42 -110 u42.5 -114 u41.5 -175 u43 0
Sun (12/24) @ 4:26pm ET DAL Cowboys o42.5 +625 o41.5 -141 o42.5 +625 o48.5 -110 o48.5 -112 o39.5 -102 o40.5 -112
MIA Dolphins u42.5 -1250 u41.5 +110 u42.5 -1250 u48.5 -110 u48.5 -109 u39.5 -128 u40.5 -112
Sun (12/24) @ 8:17pm ET NE Patriots u40.5 -130 u49.5 -278 u40.5 -130 u37.5 -110 u37.0 -110 u43.5 -102 u44 -120
DEN Broncos o40.5 +100 o49.5 +210 o40.5 +100 o37.5 -110 o37.0 -110 o43.5 -128 o44 -105
Mon (12/25) @ 1:05pm ET LV Raiders u33.5 -115 u34.5 -167 u33.5 -115 u40 -110 u40.5 -112 u33.5 -106 u33.5 +100
KC Chiefs o33.5 -115 o34.5 +130 o33.5 -115 o40 -110 o40.5 -109 o33.5 -122 o33.5 -125
Mon (12/25) @ 4:35pm ET NY Giants o50.5 -120 o50.5 -141 o50.5 -120 o50.5 -115 o54.5 -112
PHI Eagles u50.5 -110 u50.5 +110 u50.5 -110 u50.5 -114 u54.5 -112
Mon (12/25) @ 8:16pm ET BAL Ravens o56.5 -110 o58.5 -110 o56.5 -110 o47 -110 o47.0 -112 o58.5 -147 o58.5 -141
SF 49ers u56.5 -115 u58.5 -120 u56.5 -115 u47 -110 u47.0 -109 u58.5 +112 u58.5 +110

Thursday: 49ers at Titans (O/U 44)

These teams don’t play regularly, so the fact that the last five games in this series have all gone ‘over’ doesn’t mean much. The first game in the stretch came in 1999 and the last in 2017. An interesting tidbit, anyway.

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Browns at Packers (O/U 45.5)

Green Bay is riding a four-game streak to the ‘over’ after its narrow 31-30 escape against the Ravens. Cleveland is still fighting to make the playoffs.

Colts at Cardinals (O/U 49)

This is the highest total on the Week 16 board along with Rams-Vikings. Head to PointsBet if you’re thinking about betting the ’over’ here. It was being offered at 48 as of Thursday.

Giants at Eagles (O/U 40.5)

If you’re still betting ‘over’ in games involving the Giants after the last two months, you are either masochistic or not paying attention. They’ve gone ‘over’ in one of their last nine games (1-7-1).

Chargers at Texans (O/U 45.5)

The Chargers have been a reliable ‘over’ bet in four of their last five games. The concern lies with Houston. Before its 30-10 win over doormat Jacksonville last week, Houston averaged nine points in their previous three games.

Lions at Falcons (O/U 42.5)

Detroit has gone ‘under’ in five of its last six road games. Atlanta has cashed five ‘under’ tickets in five of its last six games. This is still a stay-away play in my humble opinion.

Ravens at Bengals (O/U 45.5)

Lamar Jackson is still iffy for this one as he recovers from an ankle sprain. But backup QB Tyler Huntley looked equally effective against the Packers. The Ravens have gone ‘under’ in five of their last six roadies, though.

Rams at Vikings (O/U 49)

Both teams are coming off ho-hum, low-scoring wins in Week 15. The thought here is that sets the stage for a big bounce by both teams to the ‘over’ in the dome.

Jags at Jets (O/U 41.5)

It’s a shame that some of these games have to be played. On the other hand, America has an insatiable appetite for football and betting. The Jags, like the Giants, have gone ‘over’ one time in the last nine games.

Bills at Pats (O/U 43.5)

The marquee game of the week. The forecast in Foxborough on Sunday is fairly tame, unlike when these two teams played in Buffalo on Dec. 6. As a result, the number here is getable for ‘over’ players.

Bears at Seahawks (O/U 43)

It’s hard to be enthused about many points being scored here. Seattle looked disjointed on offense in the 20-10 loss to the Rams. The Bears have played in five straight ‘under’ contests.

Steelers at Chiefs (O/U 46)

Now that Kansas City has a defense, it makes it harder to feel comfortable in casually playing the ‘over’ in games at Arrowhead Stadium. Two of their last three home tilts have gone ‘under’ the total.

Broncos at Raiders (O/U 41.5)

This is a pretty low number, but recency bias screams about any bet on the ‘over’ here. The Raiders did what they needed to do in a 16-14 comeback win over Cleveland, and the Broncos spit the bit in a 15-10 loss at home to Cincinnati last week.

Washington Football Team at Cowboys (O/U 47)

There’s something fishy about the offense in Big D. The Cowboys have played great defensively, and those two factors combined have led to seven ‘unders’ in their last eight games.

Monday: Dolphins at Saints (O/U 38.5)

Super low number here. It might have something to do with the Saints shutting out Tampa Bay, 9-0, on Sunday. New Orleans has been a solid ‘under’ team in four of its last five games.

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