Olympics Day 12: Betting On Women’s Sport Climbing

Some days, there are events that lend themselves to safe picks on a bet slip. Day 12 will be one of those days. Women’s climbing has a clear favorite, and there isn’t a strong candidate for an upset. If bettors are putting their bet slip together and need a safe pick, then they should consider adding Slovenia’s Janja Garnbret to their bet slips. However, bettors who can afford to accept some risk could consider Garnbret’s two closest competitors. We’ll give bettors an idea of why women’s climbing fits into the risk-averse corner of their bet slips.

Available Wagers On Women’s Climbing

The only wagers available on the women’s climbing event are the futures on the gold medal winner. Women’s climbing has three events that determine a climber’s finishing position: speed, bouldering, and lead. Speed climbing is what it sounds like. It’s a sprint to the top of the wall. Bouldering involves climbing over boulders etched into the climbing wall. But the lead event is the most interesting. Climbers get as far as they can up a wall that’s not meant to be finished. The winner is whoever makes it farthest up the wall. Whoever does the best overall wins the gold.

That should leave room for futures bets on each of the events. However, sportsbooks are stretched thin with the Olympics. For the American sportsbooks, it’s their first summer Olympics. They’re demanding for oddsmakers, and there are only so many lines they can set odds for at once. There are only so many climbing experts to go around, and there may not be enough interest in each round to offer them individually. But fortunately for bettors, the gold medal futures offer a clear favorite.

Featured Bets On Women’s Climbing

There’s only one good pick on women’s climbing. Janja Garnbret is Slovenia’s climbing star. She’s sponsored by Red Bull and Adidas and for good reason. In 2019, she won all six events in the bouldering World Cup. She also won gold medals in three of the four IFSC Climbing World Championship events. At the young age of 22, she’s expected to be an Olympic star.

Garnbret is in a league above her two closest competitors. Japan’s Akiyo Noguchi and Miho Nonaka are the two underdogs with the best chances of snatching the gold from Garnbret. Noguchi is ranked second in the world in the bouldering event and fifth in the lead event. However, she’s 57th in speed, and that’s going to be a disadvantage in the Olympic scoring scheme. Nonaka is 15th in bouldering, 19th in lead, and 30th in speed.

Garnbret is first in bouldering, second in lead, and 48th in speed. That dominance in bouldering and lead will be a massive advantage for her. She could lose points in speed, but her competitors may not have the dominance in the other two events to win the gold from her. Qualifying rounds begin tonight, and these three women will be the main contenders worth watching in women’s climbing.

Summary Of Women’s Climbing Betting

There’s one clear favorite in women’s climbing, and she’s a good choice for bettors who need to add a safe pick to their bet slips. Janja Garnbret is a safe pick for the gold. There’s little room for an upset, but that room is filled by Akiyo Noguchi. If she pulls off an incredible performance in the climbing finals, she could challenge Garnbret. Noguchi poses a greater threat to Garnbret than Nonaka, so she’s the more reliable underdog pick. Women’s climbing will be an exciting saga that’ll play out over the next few days.

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