Which Sports Betting Apps Do Our Writers Actually Use?

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At Gaming Today, we write about everything sports betting: odds, expert picks, previews, legal updates, we’ve got it all. And because we’re so entrenched in the sports betting world, many of our writers enjoy casual betting, too. 

In this piece, three of our writers in three legal sports betting markets–Illinois, Indiana, and New Jersey–share which sportsbook apps they use on a regular basis and why. 

Illinois Sports Betting

Cole Rush

The Land Of Lincoln has six online sportsbook options: 

When sports betting first came to Illinois, my friends and I started betting with various apps in a mad dash, mainly because we kept referring each other and claiming the free bet bonuses for said referrals. But as the dust settled, a few sportsbooks bubbled to the surface as my standbys. 

First and foremost, I avoid Barstool and its content as much as possible–it’s the only Illinois sports betting app I don’t have and won’t download. Props to them for building an audience, but it’s not for me. 

William Hill is also a no-bet zone for me, but only because the in-app experience is clunky and difficult to navigate. 

That leaves four: FanDuel, BetRivers, DraftKings, and PointsBet. Truth be told, I use them all on a semi-rotating basis. DraftKings stands as my “main” sportsbook, where most of my betting budget can be found at any given time. DraftKings has so much content and betting opportunities, it’s hard to resist. FanDuel has the best app interface by far (in my opinion), so it’s a lock if I ever want a quick live bet. 

PointsBet, however, gives all the others a run for their money. For one, PointsBet has shown repeatedly that it is dedicated to offering regional props and bonuses. The company’s partnership with Devin Hester is a great snag for Chicago Bears fans. Plus, the local flavor promotions are incredibly strong at PointsBet. So strong that they often make other bonuses pale in comparison. 

BetRivers is my backup. I use it from time to time for Illinois-based promotions and to earn a few rewards that I can use at Rivers Casino in Des Plaines when I make an occasional visit. 

The Verdict: Best Sportsbook In Illinois

To be completely honest, it’s difficult to choose a single “best’ from Illinois’ strong roster. I lean toward DraftKings and FanDuel for the top-notch in-app experience, and PointsBet makes this call particularly difficult. You can’t really go wrong with any Illinois sportsbook, but for the sake of coming to a clear conclusion, my vote is for the impressive roster of bonuses and local promotions on offer at PointsBet. 

Best IL Sportsbook: PointsBet

New Jersey Sports Betting

Erich Richter

New Jersey is the mecca of sports gambling – who would’ve thought? I have so many sportsbooks at my disposal that I am very careful about what sportsbooks I actually use. I take many things into account when I bet on sports. The three main things that I need from my sportsbook are… 

  1. Promotions, Odds Boosts, Free Bets Given
  2. Variety of odds given
  3. Quality of live betting

I admittedly live bet a lot of games, fights, and matches across the sports industry. In my opinion, nothing is more fun than betting an elite Quarterback who is getting the ball back late, down a field goal at plus odds. 

I have tons of options at my disposal in NJ so I am happy to use sportsbooks that give me excellent odds. My main sportsbooks by usage are below.

PointsBet has been very good to me in the past. Its live betting options are extensive. However, I would like if its live betting wasn’t locked as frequently as it is. This is where I go to FanDuel, which offers fantastic availability for live bets. Moreover, FanDuel’s prop bet variety is excellent. 

In terms of odds, I think FanDuel and PointsBet offer phenomenal odds. FOX Bet has an interesting bet variety and the odds are solid. However, its app is mostly a disaster so it is frustrating to use. It is difficult to navigate and the customer service is not good either. If you are placing a one-off bet because the odds are good, FOX Bet can be used for just that. 

BetMGM’s promotions are usually pretty good but I have plenty of friends who are limited on its platform – seemingly for no reason. Sometimes the max bets allowed are ridiculously low. Hunting promotions down for their app is solid though. BetMGM is afraid to lose money more than every other sportsbook that I have heard of. BetMGM needs to let players actually play if for the app to gain real users. 

SugarHouse/BetRivers has great odds and great variety. Once again, the app struggles in many aspects. That holds me back from using it consistently. If the user experience was better, SugarHouse/BetRivers could compete with top level sportsbooks. 

The Verdict: Best Sportsbook In New Jersey

Overall, I love using PointsBet and FanDuel. If PointsBet was better for live betting I would give it my clear cut top slot in the industry. The user experience on both apps is phenomenal but PointsBet has better promotions. I’ll take the better promotions that PointsBet offers over FanDuel’s live betting experience, but the difference between the two is razor thin. 

Best NJ Sportsbook: PointsBet Sportsbook

Indiana Sports Betting

Travis Pulver

When online sports betting became legal in Indiana, I figured I would give it a try. After all, I worked in the industry as a writer, so why not? But there was just one hitch, well—two. I am a sore loser and have somewhat of an addictive personality.

I get in a bad mood when my favorite teams lose a game. Tack on the loss of money along with it and, well—let’s just say people do not want to be around me in those moments. Combine that with the real possibility I could get hooked on it like a video game, and I knew I had to be very careful about how I proceeded.

That meant betting via one of the sports apps was out for me. If placing a bet was too easy, I knew I would be prone to placing a few rash bets I would regret later. But, if I only bet via my laptop, then I would have to think the wager through before placing it.

As a sore loser, I knew I could not take too many chances. But I also wanted to make money. I had no interest in going with anything with (-) odds; I wanted to double my money (at least) every time I made a bet.

I also decided to stay away from games. I know that’s the bread and butter of the sports betting world, but I feel like there are too many factors involved. It is impossible to account for them all, which made them too risky for me.

So, I decided to stick with prop bets. But the safest ones would usually have (-) odds. However, boosted odds are a common promo for just about every sportsbook in existence, so I targeted those props.

Now, when it came to choosing a book, I went with brand names at first. I knew of DraftKings and FanDuel from playing daily fantasy, so I opened accounts with them. But I had become familiar with PointsBet through work and went with them as well.

From an operational standpoint, I have nothing against DraftKings or FanDuel. The process was simple and easy to do, and while I never placed a bet on the apps, I did use them to check odds and manage my accounts. Both were good.

The odds did not stand out for either, but they were not too different (if they were) from PointsBet.

But PointsBet was the one that stood out to me the most. I loved the selection of props they posted, especially the ones they boosted odds for. I never had trouble finding a prop or two with boosted odds that I liked.

When I withdrew my winnings at the end of the college football season, I had no issues getting my money. I think it took no more than a couple of days. 

When I signed up last season, I did not know much about bonuses and did not care about them. Had I known then what I know now, I would have skipped DraftKings and FanDuel altogether. The DraftKings bonus is a joke, and FanDuel’s is not much better (I am not a fan of so-called ‘risk-free’ bets).

Since the end of the football season, I have branched out to BetMGM. The bonus was good, as were the odds; I’ll probably line shop this season between them and PointsBet. I recently opened an account with Unibet because I wanted the $40 in free bets but have yet to log on because the geolocator cannot seem to find me (I’ve tried via the app and my laptop). 

I cannot comment on the live, in-play section for any book because I have never done it.

Indiana has quite a few sportsbooks live in-state, including most, if not all, of the major players (William Hill, BetRivers, theScore Bet, BetAmerica). But I do not intend on opening any more accounts than I already have.

The odds at most are in line with what I’ll see at Unibet, BetMGM, and PointsBet. Many of them run ‘risk-free’ bet promotions, which should be called second-chance bets—and those do not interest me. But if someone were to move in and offer free bets, I’d probably give it a shot.

The Verdict: Best Sportsbook in Indiana

I would have to go with PointsBet. It has everything I am looking for in a sportsbook—great odds, good promos, boosted odds, easy to use, etc. BetMGM would be a close second. Had I tried BetMGM first, I might say they were the best, but PointsBet has a better selection of props with boosted odds.

Best IN Sportsbook: PointsBet

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