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Are you bored with your old way ticket? Maybe you play a six and 3/2, 2-2-2 for $2.50 and you’d like to try a new path to success.

Perhaps you play that old eight and 4/2 marked 2-2-2-2 and you hunger for more diversity in your play. Sure it is easy to change a way ticket but there is a need for some caution or at least awareness of what you are doing.

Here is the reason. Suppose you are playing eight numbers, grouped 5-3 and you are playing 1/8, 1/5 and 1/3 for $3. You get bored and change your ticket, keeping the same eight but changing to a grouping of 4-4 and playing 1/8 and 2/4. Now it is possible to hit a solid five on your original ticket without even getting a solid four on your new ticket.

Ouch! You can avoid this by using a technique called “splitting.” Here’s how it works. Take your eight numbers, grouped 5-3, but now split the five into two groups, one group of three and one group of two. Now the eight numbers will be grouped 3-2-2 (make sure to keep the original deuce as one of the deuces) and the original five spot will be preserved.

Now you may recall the total number of ways on a keno ticket is 2n-1, where n = the number of groups. Thus the original 5-3, two groups, will have 2(2)-1= 3 ways on it. Your new improved ticket, 3-2-2 with three groups will have 2(3)-1= 7 ways on it.

Indeed by splitting one of the groups on your ticket you will produce a new ticket with slightly more than double the ways available to play on it, as well as preserving the current ways you are playing.

You can split the traditional three deuce ticket 2-2-2 by splitting one of them and getting 2-2-1-1. Be sure to preserve two of the original deuces. All your original ways will be preserved, but you will now have 2(4)-1 = 15 ways to play. You recall that the original ways on this ticket are 1/6, 3/4 and 3/2 = 7 ways.

The new breakout after one split is: 1/6, 2/5, 3/4, 4/3, 3/2 and 2/1 = 15 ways. The same technique applied to the 4 deuce ticket 2-2-2-2 ends up 2-2-2-1-1. Following the above constraints we end up with 2(5)-1 = 31 ways to play.

Now the original ticket is the well known “15 way” or “deuce way 8” 2-2-2-2, with 1/8, 4/6, 6/4, and 4/2 = 15 ways. Your first split 2-2-2-1-1 gives you 1/8, 2/7, 4/6, 6/5, 6/4, 6/3, 4/2 and 2/1 = 31 ways.

Well that’s it for this week, enjoy your “splits!” Contact me online at [email protected]

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