NFL draft is big crapshoot

Apr 26, 2005 5:14 AM

So how does the NFL draft rate this year. Well, the early returns say not that good.

"It was a such a weak draft compared to others that we likely are not going to change the Super Bowl odds that much," said Mike Seba, pro football and basketball analyst at Las Vegas Sports Consultants.

Most of the picks starting with top overall selection QB Alex Smith to San Francisco, were pretty much routine with no major impact players among them, according to Seba.

"The one major surprise was WR Mike Williams being passed over by Minnesota and sliding down to Detroit," Seba said. "We had him as the top wide receiver in the draft. I thought the Bears did well, but you can’t measure how good or bad teams fared right now. You never know in a draft."

Seba admitted that he is more intrigued by the NBA playoffs.

"I like the competitiveness of the NBA, where a number of teams have a chance to win the title," he said. "I believe Phoenix and Detroit will make the finals, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Boston and Memphis were to reach the conference championship series in the East and West."

The house had a big year in the NBA except for the last couple of weeks in the regular season when teams having clinched playoff berths began resting starters. So far the books are back in the win column after the first weekend of postseason.

"I think we have done a good job regarding the lines," Seba said. "Scoring is up over last year and the totals reflect that. The ”˜under" was 3-1 on Saturday as a result of the adjustments, which was good for the books. And, when favorites go 5-3 against the spread, that usually means money for the house."