NFL football Play of the Day

Dec 28, 2009 9:37 PM

NFL football:


Minnesota Vikings -7 vs. Chicago Bears: the Bears are terrible and, worse yet, they appear to have pulled the plug on the season. Minnesota, possible mired in internal problems of its own, may start to feel the sting of the Bret Favre, late season Diva syndrome. But they are a superior team, with a tenacious defense that should be able to shut down Chicago’s anemic offensive attack. If the Vikes can get Adrian Peterson back into the game plan, they should be able to move the ball freely and score at will. Minnesota -7

College football: The Independence Bowl

Texas A&M vs. Georgia -7 (Total 67): The action has been steady on the Georgia Bulldogs, based mainly on the perception that any SEC team is going to be better than any other team in the country. Sometimes perceptions don’t always ring true. This has been a forgettable year for Mark Richt’s Bulldogs, who have had to rebuild from last year’s squad. Texas A&M actually has a much more potent offense, ranked in the Top 15 for most categories, while Georgia is languishing somewhere in the bottom third of the country. The 7 points is quite a gift in this spot as the Aggies should win this one outright. Also, there should be enough scoring to eclipse the total as well. Texas A&M +7 and OVER the total of 67.