NFL playoffs feature juicy matchups

Jan 5, 2010 5:04 PM


And could a ‘cheezy’ wild card emerge?

With another NFL regular season in the books, we are now in the second season and it looks like the teams involved and the first week’s matchups have enough flavor to create excellent action at the windows.

From behind the counter I have always liked it when the highest number looks as though it will settle just over the tick of 3. Translation? Players can make cases for betting either side, which should create at times some two-way business.

Also, getting on or off 3 points or just moving the money or money line always attracts attention.

And once again there’s your betting-darling team, and this time it’s not "Them Cowboys."

How about them Cheese Heads? I saw some dribs and drabs and a few serious bets on them this week and, looking at the field, why not to win it all?

Teasers will be prevalent, but not teasing down but teasing up over key numbers.

Coaches’ backsides will be getting a little tighter so look for the games to slow down, especially in the first half, making first-half totals usually played under and taking first half dogs most likely won’t get you into too much trouble.

I don’t look for monster decisions, but ticket counts should be as good as any Wild Card weekend we have seen for quite a long time.

Whoever gets to Miami in February is anybody’s guess, and that’s how it should be. Who knows if we don’t see a repeat of Jan. 12, 1969, when the 17-point Colts lost to Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania’s Joe Namath in the "guarantee of a lifetime" game. Of course, this time the Jets and Colts would have to meet for the AFC title, but who’s quibbling?

Come on you old timers, can you still see Boozer, Snell, Mackey and Jimmy Orr waving for the ball as he was "wide open?"

Johnny U came in late but to no avail: 16-7 Jets Jets Jets.

Look around, you just might find a prop bet on it.

Take care, Jimmy V