Cards/Packers a game for the ages

Jan 12, 2010 5:05 PM


I saw it and I still can’t believe it. The Arizona/Green Bay game has to be in the top three games ever played! It was ironic that the last score was defensive.

I’m certain that the sports book directors drew a deep breath, as the Cardinals opened minus 3 points, and Green Bay ended up a short favorite.

Also, I enjoyed a fantastic college basketball game on Sunday. Tennessee, which has lost three players to suspension, hosted the No. 1 team in the country, Kansas. It figured to be a mismatch, but the Vols kept hitting at what must have been 50%. They dropped 3’s like uncontested lay-ups. Tennessee beat Kansas by 8, as a home dog of 7.

After an afternoon like this I’m almost too exhausted to write my weekly guessing game.

A word about the BCS Championship game is in order. Alabama won as a 4-point favorite, but if they played it again, I’d favor Texas, if everyone were healthy. The winner didn’t deserve the victory, which often happens in sports. Texas showed guts, desire and almost overcame the adversity of losing their all-everything QB in the first quarter. It was a great display by Coach Brown and the Texas club.

In the NFL playoffs, historically the teams coming off a bye week go on to win, as they’ve rested, and have two weeks to prepare, while their opponents get banged up. I’m unaware of the come-out lines at this time, but the only home team I think will lose are the Vikings. The Dallas defense has shown to be strong enough to beat anyone, including my hero, Favre. I think the other home teams will win straight up.

I’m still trying to understand the NFL’s position on this year’s Pro Bowl. It will be held in Miami the week before the Super Bowl. Thus, all the deserving players who led their teams to the Super Bowl won’t have the opportunity to play in the Pro Bowl. Worse yet, they must show up, and not play, when they should be preparing for the big game. Get it? Well, I don’t either!

Have a good week!

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