NFL's San Diego Chargers needed booster cables!

Jan 19, 2010 5:02 PM


Here I was telling everyone the recession was over, as the stock market sustains its upward climb and big corporations are making enough money to pay back their bailout money to the government. But, I forgot about unemployment, which still hovers around 10% in the USA. Worse yet, we have to add a few names to that list, beginning with San Diego’s kicker, Nate Kaeding, who missed three field goals in the Jets game.

Also from the Chargers, we can add LaDainian Tomlinson. As good as he used to be, he ain’t got it any more. Owner Jerry Jones of the Cowboys is almost certain to submit Coach Wade Phillips to the growing list, and Al Davis will likely cut loose Coach Cable of the hapless Raiders and replace him with another boxer.

On the plus side, I’m willing to bet Jets Coach Ryan will get his contract re-worked favorably. I thought he was kidding when a few weeks ago he said "Nobody wants to play the Jets now." Well, he’s correct.

And by the way, who’s going to hire Pete Carroll as a procrastinator, after insinuating QB Mark Sanchez wasn’t ready to play with the big boys yet. How many rookie QBs have won their first two playoff games?

Let’s get to what you want to read about – the championship games next week. It just so happens that the game totals will be the best bets in both games.

I see the Jets/Colts playing a low scoring game, and the Vikes/Saints playing high. Here’s why. First, the Jets found it hard to score all season, as their defense may have produced more points than their conservative offense. Completing 10-15 passes per game does not equate to many TDs.

If the Colts cut loose early, it will be tough for the Jets to play catch-up. Manning knows more about defensive alignments than his coaches do. He should be able to get some early points, but his drives take much time off the clock, with short passes and 3rd and short runs.

The Jets will run as much as possible to keep Manning on the sidelines … low scoring and a close game with the Colts winning in a sleeper.

The Saints will be the opposite, as they’ll come out firing and won’t pierce the Vikings front 4 with running plays that won’t go for many yards. If Favre gets behind, which I anticipate, he’ll revert back to taking risks, which will cause interceptions and speed up Saints possessions. Play it high, and throw Drew Brees in the mix in a thoroughly entertaining shootout.

Have a great week.