NFL action heating up

Jan 19, 2010 5:06 PM


I would tend to believe that Saturday and Sunday’s matchups created about as much activity as a bookmaker could want as we wind down toward Miami … plenty of tickets, plenty of people and plenty of cash were the themes of the day.

There were no disappointments from this side of the counter, although the three favorites showed there was a lot of backers on the underdogs leading up to the Charger-Jets game.

In most cases you are front-heavy going into the last game and the game is where you might want to sell off some Charger money because no matter, four favorites could make you a ham sandwich winner for your previous 36 hours of booking a minimum six figure loser by entering one final score.

I can’t speak for any other books but history usually prevails in playoff scenarios.

And the sell-off with Jets was automatic as this game was sent out 9 earlier in the week and dipped to 7 before the buyback started and it was all Chargers up until 90 minutes before kickoff.

The Dallas game was a little more interesting as this was the only game where you might have needed Vikings as the Cowboy faithful in spots took the 2½ plus money on "America’s team." We definitely took more money in Northern Nevada on Dallas than down here; that’s what makes sports gambling so interesting.

You sometimes have a feel or maybe an understanding of what happens with these games, but don’t ever believe in anyone who says they are positive.

Only fools are positive.

So this Sunday will be very busy and very interesting. I am pretty sure but not "positive."

Side bar: I was in Roma Deli on Spring Mountain during halftime of the first game when a guy and his wife and kids came in, and he first had to be assured they were showing the game in order to stay.

And you ask how important "our" football is?

Take care, Jimmy V.