NFL props can make betting less stressful

Feb 2, 2010 5:02 PM

Diamond's Gems by Sid Diamond |

My fascination with prop betting on the Super Bowl has to be credited to the greatest Lieutenant I’ve ever had, Eric St. Clair. He strongly suggested we put some props up at the Excalibur in the early 1990s. Prior to that time we only booked first halves, which team would score first, which player would score first, etc. and a few others that weren’t very appealing to most bettors.

I told Eric if he made them up I would include them in our Super Bowl (in those years you could say "Super Bowl") sheets. After looking them over my first comment was that we should be playing instead of booking these!

We weren’t very lucky that first year, but I found some enjoyment thereafter by playing the props. I now don’t play sides or totals in the big game, but have numerous prop bets.

I have more fun rooting for both teams, completions, yards in the air and on the ground, etc. that I usually lose track of the score. Don’t laugh – this has happened in the last three Super Bowls.

Next Sunday will be the happiest day of the year for me. My poor dog, Ducey, has to wait all day for me to take her for a walk. I think she understands that for at least 4 hours I don’t leave my paper covered desk. Last year she relieved herself on my living room carpet, and I said "good girl" and I went back to work. I was a success last year, as I almost broke even. I’m hoping for a big day again, as I know breaking even is a possibility I am capable of obtaining.

Unlike last year’s Super Bowl when run-driven Pittsburgh was featured with their back breaking defense, this year will be different, especially for those of you that tap out on prop bets. This year I feature offensive power, with Brees and Manning pulling the trigger on at least 60% passing plays.

I have taken the high road on attempts, completions, gross passing yards and TDs to wide receivers, as well as tight ends and running backs. I am down for both guys in all of the above, as well as Pierre Garcon, Dallas Clark, Auston Collie, along with Marques Colston, Robert Meachan and Dovery Henderson, and a few others, so you get the picture.

Somehow I had a few chips left over, so I bet a few big plusses, like Jeremy Shockey to score a TD at plus 330, the game total over 63 and a half at plus 200, Peyton to throw a TD in the first quarter at plus 150, and also to throw one in the third quarter at plus 150 and Brees to throw one in the first quarter at plus 200, and in the third quarter at plus 200.

As my bankroll disintegrated, I noticed I did not bet the side or total, so now I can root for both sides, and hopefully witness an aerial circus, much to the remorse of my friend Jay at the Hilton, as well as a few others.

Incidentally I also bet a few running backs under their totals, but I won’t watch that closely, as hopefully there will be few running plays.

Have a great Sunday and thoroughly enjoy the spectacle from the NFL.

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