NFL Week3

Aug 24, 2010 7:05 AM

Here are a few notes on the NFL: This is week 3 in the exhibition season and you have my permission to bet this week. Although I’m not an advocate of betting during the exhibition season except for week 3, which is as close as you’re going to get to regular season action. Most teams will leave their starters in to at least somewhere in the third quarter. Scoring will be higher but the totals will be posted higher to compensate almost all out participation. Actually, first half betting would be your best bet as you are assured of getting top quality play.

You’ll have the opportunity of seeing both New England and the Colts on Thursday night. The Patriots game looks like a blowout against the lowly Rams. St. Louis’ rookie quarterback, Sam Bradford, isn’t near ready to play with the big boys and figures to turn the ball over several times. The Pats don’t mind running up the score, as Tom Brady to Wes Welker will be there all night.

Incidentally, Welker’s back up looks super to me, his name is Julian Edelman, and he’s got some great moves.

The other game on Thursday night is the Colts visiting the Packers. This should be a super high scoring game, as the total will probably come out in the middle 40’s. It probably won’t be high enough.

In order to program you for the next month, let me assure you that your priorities must be in the proper order. Football action should be No. 1!

Don’t get me wrong I’m an advocate of sexual participation but is there any way that it can compete with a five-teamer being alive going into Monday night and your team runs the opening kick-off back for a touchdown? No way, Jose!

No report card for this week as I’m forced to write this article on Sunday morning, as my secretary will be unavailable Sunday night.

There are two really significant matchups this weekend. The Phillies travel to San Diego and the Red Sox play in Tampa.

The Red Sox games are critical but they just can’t keep their stars on the field. The Rays on the other hand, have been almost injury free and are currently a better team. The Phillies should have their regulars back by the time they arrive in San Diego. Based on the past two years’ performances, I believe they can win the series with the Padres. Two of the games are day games so I wouldn’t advocate playing the unders. Remember, all West Coast games score more in the daytime as the balls carry better.

That goes for both teams.

Have a great week.