NFL opening

Sep 14, 2010 7:02 AM

There is nothing that compares to an opening day in pro football. It’s as though the world around us just stops until the late game finishes. The highs and lows of the 10 consecutive hours of the NFL are absolutely exhausting.

I feel like I ran 20 miles, and I dearly need a rest. In those hours there are no timeouts for the spectator, especially when he’s got a barrel of bets to follow.

Sometimes after Sunday you need a few days off to regain your sanity; but low and behold we now have to endure not one, but two Monday night games. Thank goodness for Tuesday and Wednesday, hopefully 48 hours off will bring us back to reality.

The real problem is Saturday’s college games are just around the corner and we’ll get all revved up all over again. Hopefully, we are all strong enough to endure the next six months in good health, and still have enough chips to pay the nonessentials such as the rent, insurance and food for the table.

One should realize how lucky we are to have sports books and bookmakers to take our money; but in such an enjoyable way that we really don’t mind it.

The interest level of major league baseball is minute now; as only the National League has any mystery left. Out of the four teams that are in contention, three will make the playoffs as division winners or wild card representative. Can Colorado join the party? They have a history of late surges, so anything is possible.

Here’s some notes on opening day in the foots:

My biggest surprise was Seattle giving a spanking to the 49’ers. The Frisco club was never in the game as the Pete Carrol led Seahawks got off to a rousing 31 to 6 victory.

The Green Bay-Philadelphia game was somewhat historic as Michael Vick got his shot and made the most of it. You’ll be seeing him starting shortly, whether Kevin Kolb is healthy or not. Personally, I can’t get by his past but maybe that might change if I bet on the Eagles and he wins a bet.

Here are some college projections for this week at no charge, which is generally what they are worth.

S. Mississippi -4 over Kansas.

California and Nevada over whatever the number comes out.

Connecticut -4 over Temple on Saturday.

Mississippi -13½ over Vandy, who have nothing since Jay Cutler left to start throwing interceptions for the Bears.

Utah -22 over New Mexico, who so far this season has scored only 17 points and has given up 124 in only two games. Surely, the home crowd will roar DEFENSE! So goes the NFL.

Green Bay -13½ over Buffalo, a good solid team that just can’t score. How about the intentional safety they pulled on Sunday as the all-important point spread went from 3 to 5 in the last minute of the game. The Bills were a 3-point dog; what a break for the Dolphin fans as well as the sports books.

Tennessee -6 over the Steelers looks okay to me; last season the Titans lost their first six games, this year I think they’ll win their first six.

Minnesota -6 over the Dolphins; Farve and company come back with a roar and take it out on the Dolphins. Brett has three extra days this week to rest his banged up body.

Monday night features the Super Bowl champs visiting the disappointing 49ers as a 4½ point favorite. Brees gets untracked against a club that gave up 31 points to the Seahawks. Also the Saints get four days extra since their Thursday night victory over the Vikes.

Have a great week.