Dec 21, 2010 7:03 AM

They don’t know it yet, but corporations such as Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts are in for a mini-bonanza about four months from now. The reason is simple – last week’s Giants-Vikings game was shifted to another day and site.

When that occurred, all tickets on either team became a non-bet and anyone with action on the game is entitled to a refund. Then, in 120 days, any outstanding tickets become void and are no longer refundable. Uncollected tickets used to be a big deal when you had multiple locations. Out of town players may not be aware of the rules and regulations, thus throwing away refundable losing tickets.

This is significant, as parlays would have been reduced to one less team as well as the parlay cards. Single Minnesota tickets automatically get their money back if mailed or presented prior to 120 days from the event. The Vikings lost 27-3.

In the past, I’ve written negatively about Randall Sayre – in my eyes an overbearing member of the Nevada Gaming Control Board. His arrogance was well scripted by demanding certain corporations follow his dictatorial rules to the letter.

That same attitude reveals itself as Sayre doesn’t want to be reappointed for another four-year term unless he can be chairman of the powerful three-man board. The new governor, Brian Sandoval, has chosen not to let this injustice happen. Good for you, Mr. Governor.

We had a good start to the bowls with Fresno landing 57 after rising at one time to 58½. The cashier doesn’t care how much you win by and neither should you.

Here are this week’s projections: So. Miss 56 (Tuesday), Boise St 55 (Wednesday), Navy 63 (Thursday), Hawaii 74 (Friday), Toledo 58 (Sunday), Air Force 59 (Monday).

Please remember you need at least four numbers away from my numbers to play the game. Here are a few future bets that you may catch early – Missouri OVER 47½, Notre Dame OVER 47½, Michigan OVER 60.

These games should go a lot higher. Trust me! (I told my wife that once and we got our third kid.)

Next week in the pros, there will be some meaningless contests. When in doubt bet the home team. They try to win for the local fans. One specific example would be Houston at Denver. Have a great week.

PS – The picture of my tomatoes got rained out this week. Fear not, they’ll be in next week’s paper.