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Best to tread lightly on NFL Draft picks

Apr 12, 2017 10:51 AM

Should you bet the NFL Draft picks? Why not ask @YourDraftSource?

Hello, it’s me again. Wow, time flies. Every week I think about what topic makes most sense for my column here at Gaming Today News and I could have sworn baseball season just started. But if that’s the case, why are all the professional handicappers, including Brent Musburger’s Guys in the Desert, talking about the National Football League? Could it be you can actually make some money betting on the NFL Draft?

Funny, a few years ago (actually, it’s more than a few but like I said, time flies) when I first started paying attention, and I mean really paying attention to sports betting, I wondered if people could place bets in Vegas on the Heisman, as well as the NFL Draft. MY guys in the desert responded negatively and told me if I wanted to bet on these things I would need to search online.

I did not quite understand the rationale behind why betting on either of these were not allowed, but decided I would pay more attention to social media stuff, putting my money on Twitter as the number one contender in the social media platform, and I came up with a Twitter handle, which I help manage, called @YourDraftSource.

To me, it is a winning strategy to develop lists of the social media accounts for the top prospects, congratulate these players when they were selected, and then invite them on as guests to the sports talk radio program I am working to promote. Believe it or not, some of the players have sent me direct messages as soon as they were drafted, thanked me and ended up being on the radio to talk about their experience.

One of my favorite experiences, thus far, on Twitter was getting a message from a newly drafted Dallas Cowboy, saying thank you and telling me he would be honored to be a guest on the 720 AM KDWN radio show SportSXRadio.

Fast forward those few years, and you cannot only bet on the Heisman but the NFL Draft prospects, as well. Okay so just because it’s allowed, does that mean you will find a sportsbook ready and willing to take your bets? And even if you do, would you want to bet on the prospects so newly after permission to bet on the NFL Draft is allowed?

For years, folks have come up with “mock drafts” and many experts talk about how the best players will be drafted in order, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, there are surprises and teams pick for their needs as opposed to snatching up the best player out there.

Should you go “all in”’ when it’s truly anybody’s guess as to what teams will do? Me, I would say it’s probably best to tread lightly. Head to your favorite sportsbook and see what they have out there as far as betting odds, and maybe consider some prop bets if you feel comfortable; but as with any new relationship, you might want to take a “wait and see” approach.

That being said, remember it is baseball season and chances are you will find a lot of other games to consider besides the NFL Draft. Football season will be here soon enough, and in the interim there are plenty of games to watch that include using a bat and a ball, so consider betting on baseball.

The total opened at 12.5 in the San Diego Padres vs. Arizona Diamondbacks game scheduled for April 12 at 3:10 p.m., and it is 8.5 in the Minnesota Twins vs. Detroit Tigers game that’s on deck April 12 at 1:10 p.m.

I would stay clear of the “Under” in the Tigers game, and consider betting on the Jays over the Brewers. If you want to bet on the NFL Draft, I suggest following @YourDraftSource closely on Twitter.