NFL Draft is anything but boring

Apr 27, 2017 9:06 AM

So here we go, the first year when you can bet on the NFL Draft. I just finished the podcast for ‘Bets Like a Girl’ and will be heading to Steiner’s Pub at 1750 N. Buffalo to watch the NFL Draft on the Big Screen.

There is lots to talk about and the professional handicappers have been including the NFL Draft prop bets in their weekly podcasts, so why be different? I, for one, have been following the NFL Draft and in a sense betting on it for years!

Ever since I got involved with paying attention to sports betting, I’ve wondered why folks in Vegas could not go place a bet on the NFL Draft and the Heisman. I am happy to see both finally getting their just do.

It just makes sense to me, and not only does it makes the draft more fun to think about the odds, but you might actually win some money, too.  As always, it’s important to be mindful and pay attention to the odds, and of course do your homework.

One of my favorite prop bets on the NFL Draft is the Over/Under with regard to Alabama players, SEC players and QB’s going in the first round. This morning my co-host of ‘Bets Like a Girl’ decided she liked the ‘Under’ with regard to Alabama players with a number of 4.5. I’m not so sure I would go against her but Alabama is usually chock full of special players, and there are a lot of spots in that first round.

My favorite pick, might be to take the field when it comes to ‘Second Overall Pick’ and my best bet would be the ‘Under’ on number of SEC players, if that number were 11 or greater. 

Good luck everyone and enjoy Draft Day!