​Going Under, this Thursday Night!

​Going Under, this Thursday Night!

September 07, 2017 6:42 AM


If I remove the emotion, love of the game, and exercise rational judgment into the mix, I would likely be on the ‘under’ in the first Thursday night NFL game this season between Kansas City and New England.

As far as a side, I would not bet against Tom Brady.  There are just some players that have such command of the game, and end up on the winning side, often and Brady is one of those players. 

The Over-Under, is hovering at about 48. If you look at the history, you’ll probably note that the last time these two teams played one another the total was 47 with the Patriots winning 27-20. 

As with most opening season games, anything is possible.  Last year is history and there’s always that chance that the underdog might come out on top and be that ‘Cinderella’ team. Why couldn’t it be Andy Reid’s year? 

It could be, but chances are it’s more likely to be Brady’s year, only with Julian Edelman out for the season maybe it’s best to hold off and see how Brady’s alliance performs.

I love totals, and I prefer to take an ‘Over’ because then I’m not disappointed when the total goes exceeds the posted number midway through the game.  While I would bet the ‘Under’ and I think that’s likely the play, I just cannot do it to myself, and root for no score.

It’s strange to say to myself, “I hope he doesn’t score here.” Only sometimes you need to change your mindset, and go against everything that’s comfortable to end up on top.  So, I’ll go with the UNDER with the score falling somewhere around 24-14.