If we learned anything from Week 1, it’s that nothing is a sure bet

If we learned anything from Week 1, it’s that nothing is a sure bet

September 14, 2017 9:19 AM


If we learned anything from Week 1, it’s that nothing is ever a sure bet. Lots of folks had their money with their hearts and were betting on Houston last week. Similarly others were counting on the Bengals to come into the 2017 with a roar, only neither of those things happened. 

Instead, Cincinnati lost to its opener in a shutout with the Ravens winning the game 20-0. The Texans lost to the Jaquars in a game that had 35 points up on the score board and 29 belonged to Jacksonville. 

What we do know for sure is that the odds are pretty favorable that after this week’s Thursday night game between Houston and Cincinnati that one of these two teams will walk away with a win. 

William Hill had the Over at 38 and the Bengals favored by 6.5 a few hours before kickoff so things can change. The line opened at Bengals -3 (38). Since both teams managed to score just seven points collectively in Week 1, let’s say that it stands to reason that neither will be putting major league numbers on the board.  Both teams gave up a combined total of 49, so that could speak to the argument that the score could fall within a range of 50. What’s a girl to do, when it’s a toss-up?

It’s only the second week so it’s hard to predict totals based on one game of stats.  The Texans will start Deshaun Watson in the QB position and he could end up a shining star. If the Bengals regroup and put pressure on the Texans, it could get ugly.  Let’s hope for the best.

Houston has the mojo, the heart and if J.J. Watt has anything to say about it, will rebound and triumph. Watt left last week’s game in the first half with a finger injury, but after getting it taped up returned to play. 

Watt made big news by raising over $31 million for Hurricane Harvey relief in the past couple of weeks. Additionally, he’s looking to have the matchup against the Dallas Cowboys be used as tool to raise even more money. Anyone who says that professional athletes should not be role models is entitled to their opinion, but I will beg to disagree. Watt has earned a place in my ‘favorite player’ category for being awesome and using his stardom for goodness.

Is that enough of a reason to side with the Texans? Should I bet with my heart? Absolutely, not!  I’m going with the Texans against the spread. Cincy might win, but Houston has a good shot of keeping it close. If you plan on watching the game till the end go with the OVER.