Thursday Night Football is Buffalo Bills' game to lose

Thursday Night Football is Buffalo Bills' game to lose

November 02, 2017 8:16 AM


A slew of injuries plague the New York Jets and not much is ailing Buffalo.

Is it simple enough to go with the Bills in the Thursday night NFL game at the Jersey Meadowlands. They should win! Of course, there’s always a chance that the Jets will recover and come out on top, but it’s not likely, right? Seems like “Any Given Sunday” can easily be transferred to “Any Given Thursday” because truth is, it’s been a crazy, chaotic season.

This AFC East divisional game, is going to be another one where anything’s possible. So perhaps it makes sense to look at the total at 42, 42.5 or 43 a few hours before kickoff. If you are looking for an OVER, it’s very important to shop around for 42.

The Jets are averaging less than 20 points a game, giving up on average 23. So that will put you right at 43 looking at UNDER. Consider that the last time these two teams met, the Jets lost 21-12. What’s different? Well, besides that being first week, the Jets were in Buffalo.  Does it matter? Probably not. The Bills have been giving up, on average about 16 per game, but the past two weeks they’ve scored more than 30 against the Buccaneers and Raiders.

A deciding factor might be that the Bills are in second place with two losses in the division.  The New England Patriots are in first place also with two losses. So, the Bills, if they play the game right, will advance. The Jets are in last place. If they win, they will have bragging rights.

I took out a quarter, tossed that coin and said out loud, “Heads, Jets win!” George Washington appeared! Maybe I should have grabbed a nickel! JETS.