College Football Championship Odds: Georgia, Ohio State Listed as Offseason Favorites

Spring ball is underway as the upcoming NCAAF season is right around the corner. Although there are still a few months until Week 0, now is the time to take an early peak at the college football playoff odds.

Odds are subject to change throughout the offseason, and prices vary depending on the sportsbook you use. So, make sure to check back over the next few months for the latest 2025 college football national championship odds!

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College Football Playoff Odds: Top Championship Futures

Here are the odds to win college football championship.

**Odds are updated daily.

A new era of college football will arrive for the 2024-2025 season. The four-team playoff era has officially ended, with the Michigan Wolverines winning the final national championship. Now, we will have a 12-team postseason, complete with home playoff games, and deserving underdogs getting a chance to win it all. 

Entering the summer, the Georgia Bulldogs have the best college football championship odds. They are closely followed by the Ohio State Buckeyes, Texas Longhorns, and Oregon Ducks.

CFB National Championship Odds: Best Bets

Let’s look at the latest NCAAF national championship odds and break down the best NCAAF futures bets available today. 

Georgia Bulldogs ()

The Georgia Bulldogs will return a lot on both sides of the ball. While losing impact players such as Brock Bowers, Ladd McConkey, and a few offensive linemen certainly hurts, quarterback Carson Beck is back for one more season. 

Michigan is a deserving national champion in 2024. However, this Georgia team was probably still the best in the country last season; they just had a hiccup at the worst possible moment. With a 12-team playoff this season, it is hard to imagine Georgia missing the postseason, barring a disastrous collapse. 

They have also been busy in the transfer portal, adding Florida running back Trevor Entienne and Vanderbilt receiver London Humphreys. This will be another dominant Georgia team, and there is a reason they lead the early college football national championship odds. 

Ohio State Buckeyes ()

There is no denying that Michigan has stolen the Big Ten crown from Ohio State. The Buckeyes have lost three straight against the Wolverines and are now more than a decade removed from their last national championship. 

For all the negativity surrounding the program, Ohio State is still producing at an impressive clip. They were undefeated entering the final week of the regular season in back-to-back years and were still arguably one play away from a national championship. 

While some questions must be answered this offseason, they are reloading via the transfer portal. Former Big 12 champion quarterback Will Howard at Kansas State will be the presumed starter, and they have also brought in Ole Miss star running back Quinshon Judkins, who committed the second Michigan won the championship game. 

Texas Longhorns ()

Even though they are losing a lot from last year’s team, Texas will return starting quarterback Quinn Ewers in 2025. This is still one of the more talented teams in the country, and the oddsmakers agree, with their college football playoff odds sitting around third across the board.

They will need to find some pass-catchers on offense, as the majority of their production is off to the NFL. But, with a top-ranked recruiting class and a few transfers, including Alabama wide receiver Isaiah Bond, the Longhorns are once again primed for another run to the college football playoffs.

Where to Bet on College Football National Championship Odds 2025

The following is a list of our top picks for sports betting apps accepting wagers on NCAAF futures:

College Football Championship Line Movement & Implied Probability to Win

Betting lines shift for a variety of reasons throughout the season, college football playoff (CFP), and the offseason. This chart displays the latest college football championship odds line movement and the betting favorites’ implied probability of winning the 2025 title.


MICH Michigan -175 63.64%
WASH Washington +150 40.00%
ALA Alabama +197 33.67%
UT Texas +3100 3.13%

Implied probabilities are calculated using odds offered by Consensus.
Last Updated: 2024-01-02 00:00:00 PDT.

Why Do College Football National Championship Betting Lines Move?

College football futures odds shift for several reasons. Coaching changes, players graduating/leaving early for the NFL, losing/gaining players via the transfer portal, etc. But the primary reason why a line will move is that a significant amount of money gets wagered on a team. In such a situation, should that team win, the house loses. So, to protect themselves, sportsbooks will adjust the NCAAF national championship odds to encourage betting on other teams.

Unexpected line movements can happen when a few sharp bettors place a lot of money on one side of a bet.

What is Implied Probability?

Implied probability refers to the likelihood of a particular outcome based on the odds. For example, the Oregon Duck’s national championship odds sit around 10/1 (+1000). At those odds, the Ducks have a 9.09% chance of winning the 2025 national championship. 

You can use our implied probability calculator to figure out the implied probability for a wager.

How To Bet On NCAA Football Championship Odds

If you’re looking to bet on college football futures this year, it’s a perfect time to take advantage of amazing limited-time welcome offers available at sportsbooks today. Add more than one sports betting app to your playbook so you can line shop for the most competitive CFB national championship odds.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for betting on college football futures:

Choose Your Online Sportsbook

Most legal sports betting states offer multiple mobile sports betting apps at your fingertips. Welcome bonuses and available college football championship odds will differ from sportsbook to sportsbook, though. Some states have restrictions for betting on college sports.

Check out Gaming Today for comprehensive coverage of online sportsbooks operating in your state. Once you’ve chosen a sportsbook, you must provide proof of age and identity to register for a new account with one of the links or promo codes found on this page.

Make Your First Deposit

Once the sportsbook verifies your account details, you can deposit funds and get your sports betting journey off the ground with a bet on the latest NCAAF futures. Navigate to the cashier page of your chosen sportsbook (where all the different deposit options are displayed). Some of the most reliable deposit methods include PayPal, Play+, debit/credit cards, and ACH/eCheck.

Make Your First Bet

College football national championship futures will be featured prominently on every sportsbook’s home page. Many legal online sportsbooks will offer various ways to bet on CFB national championship futures. Remember, many welcome bonuses at sportsbooks are only for the first wager, so choose wisely!

Cashing Out

If your college football national championship bet pays out, congratulations! You can reinvest your winnings into other bets, but if you are ready to cash out, all sportsbooks offer several different options. PayPal, ACH/eCheck, and Play+ represent some of the fastest ways to cash out when your CFP championship bets win.

How To Read College Football Playoff Odds

Bettors can find futures odds to win the college football national championship throughout the year at online sportsbooks available in their state. Odds will often fluctuate throughout the year based on injuries, how a team is playing, roster additions/subtractions, etc. As for how to read college football championship odds, let’s take a look at the current NCAA football championship odds.

Georgia is the current national championship betting favorite, with a price. They are closely followed by Ohio State and Texas .

At those odds, if a bettor puts $100 on Georgia to win the national championship, they’ll win $400. A $100 bet on Texas will result in a $850 payday. Should Ohio State win at their current price, you would get $800 in winnings, and an NCAAF future on Alabama would net a valuable $1600.

When odds are plus money, bettors need to wager $100 to win the number listed as the odds. But if they are minus odds, then that number is what bettors will have to wager to win $100. For example, the moneyline for Michigan in the CFP title game last year was -215. That meant supporters needed to risk $215 to win $315 (the stake of $215 and $100 in winnings).

Strategies For Betting On College Football Championship Odds

Everyone has their own betting strategy on the college football championship odds. Some will have more detailed, intricate plans than others, and some may have no real plan, which is okay. But the basis of every strategy should involve a few things:

  • Set limits and stick to them.
  • Stay calm and do not overreact to anything.
  • Listen to your friends and the ‘experts’ all you want, but always do your own homework (which is also a must).
  • If you are going to be drinking, place your bets first. That way, you can make decisions with a clear head/mind.
  • Do not bet money you do not have or cannot afford to lose.

Here are a few different strategies worth considering when betting on college football championship odds 2025:

Alternate Lines

Some sportsbooks offer multiple lines and payout odds on the college football title game. If you are considering taking this route, you must do your homework because you don’t want to give or take more points than you must (because your payout will be less).

Fading The Public

Sportsbooks cash in big when the majority of bets come in on one side, and that team loses.

Fading the public tries to take advantage of the sportsbook’s inherent process of setting lines that produce the highest revenues for the house. To fade the public, bet against what the majority is doing.

This is not a 100% effective strategy for betting on college football national championship odds. No one person or group knows for sure what will happen. However, many use this strategy to try to play the house.


Middling involves placing a bet on one team, waiting for sportsbooks to move the line, and then betting on the other team. This strategy allows you to win on both the favorite and underdog sides of a bet.

Bet Tracking

Bet tracking means keeping track of your bets. You monitor which games you wagered on, which types of bets you made, and the result. Then, you analyze your results for patterns. If betting on the college football national championship is your first foray into sports wagering, this tip isn’t for you…yet. However, advanced bet tracking for sports betting is essential once you’ve tried your hand at even a few wagers. Numbers are king, and sports gamblers, both novices and veterans alike, are guaranteed to improve their game with this simple hack.


When betting on college football futures odds for the college football national championship, the odds are the longest for many teams when they open. This is especially true for teams other than the top dogs in the sport (Alabama, Michigan, Georgia, Ohio State, etc.). Finding the next TCU or 2019 LSU squad involves more risk, but the payoff can be substantial.

Don’t worry about getting your money down early if you want to bet on a favorite. The odds for the favorites will change little, if at all, during the offseason. Once the season begins, they may go up after a lackluster performance (even if they win) or if another contender is playing exceptionally well.

You can put your money down early if you want to, but you may get longer odds if you wait.

College Football National Championship Odds History

While it may make sense to bet on the favorite, Georgia, to win it all, history says otherwise. Since 2001, only two preseason favorites went on to win the national championship (Alabama in 2017 and USC in 2004). However, the eventual champion is often a team viewed as a possible contender during the offseason.

YearNational ChampionPreseason OddsPreseason Favorite (odds)
2023Michigan+800Georgia (+225)
2022Georgia+350Alabama (+190)
2021Georgia+600Alabama (+260)
2020Alabama+300Clemson (+200)
2019LSU+2500Clemson/Alabama (+250)
2018Clemson+400Alabama (+175)
2017Alabama+250 Same
2016Clemson+700Alabama (+600)
2015Alabama+700Ohio State (+250)
2014Ohio State+4000Florida State (+300)
2013Florida State+1600Alabama (+275)
2012Alabama+550USC (+400)
2011Alabama+600Oklahoma (+375)
2010Auburn+5000Alabama (+400)
2009Alabama+1200Florida (+225)
2008Florida +600USC (+300)
2007LSU+800USC (+250)
2006Florida+1000Notre Dame (+450)
2005Texas+800USC (+160)
2003LSU+4000Oklahoma (+450)
2002Ohio State+1900Miami (+350)
2001Miami+500Florida (+400)

During the CFP Era (2014-present), the team winning it all had odds of +700 or shorter prior to Week 1 seven times. But there is still a chance a contender will emerge from out of nowhere. LSU certainly did in 2019, and Ohio State was an unexpected one in 2014.

Since 2001, the eventual champ has had odds of +1000 or higher eight times. But it may be wishful thinking to bet on someone with odds higher than +5000. No champion since 2001 started the season with odds higher than +5000.

College Football Championship Betting 101

Are you a new bettor who needs help making sense of the wide world of sports betting? It’s understandable—it can be pretty daunting. Which sportsbook app should you use? Is this welcome bonus better than that one? What is implied probability?

You can find answers to these questions and more on some of the following pages:

Our Tools page also contains plenty of helpful information.

Restrictions on Online College Football Betting

While college football and college football bowl games are insanely popular, some states have had concerns over the integrity of the game and athletes when it comes to sports betting. As a result, some states have imposed restrictions on betting on college sports:

  • New Jersey: Betting is prohibited on New Jersey college teams or on college sports events held in New Jersey.
  • Illinois: Betting is prohibited on games involving teams from in-state colleges and universities; prop betting and in-play prop betting are also banned.
  • Colorado: Betting on games involving teams from Colorado is legal, but bets on player performance are not (player prop bets). Sorry, Buffalo fans– no college bowl props the next time C.U. makes a bowl game.
  • Tennessee: Betting on games involving teams from Tennessee is legal, but bets on player performance (player prop bets) and live prop betting are not. That means no College Bowl live betting on the Volunteers.
  • Virginia: Betting is prohibited on games involving teams from in-state colleges and universities; prop bets and in-play betting are not allowed.
  • New Hampshire: Betting is prohibited on games involving teams from in-state colleges and universities.
  • New York: Betting is prohibited on collegiate sports events held in-state and on games/events involving teams from New York.
  • Oregon: Betting on college sports via the state-run app is prohibited, but you can bet on them at a tribal casino that offers sports betting.
  • Rhode Island: Betting is prohibited on college teams from Rhode Island and on events held in-state.
  • Washington DC: Betting is prohibited on games involving teams from in-state colleges and universities.
  • Arizona: No prop bets allowed, player or team.
  • Connecticut: Betting is prohibited on games involving in-state colleges and universities.
  • Iowa: No player props on players from in-state teams.

For additional help betting On college football, read our How To Bet On College Football guide.

College Football Championship Odds FAQ

Is betting on college football championship odds legal in the US?

Betting on college football championship odds is legal in the US, but only in states with sports betting.

Where can I bet on college football championship odds online?

You can place bets on college football championship odds at legal sports betting apps that are licensed to operate in the state where you live.

How old do I need to be to bet on college football championship odds?

The legal betting age varies from state to state. But the legal age to bet on college football championship odds in most states is 21. It is, however, 18 in a couple of states and at some retail sportsbooks located on tribal land.

Do online sportsbooks offer live betting during the college football championship game?

Yes, sportsbooks do offer live betting during the college football national championship game, but only in states where it is legal to do so.

What kind of prop bets are there for the college football championship?

College football championship prop bets include game and player props.

The most popular prop bets typically focus on in-game outcomes like player production (i.e. Over/Under receiving yards, passing yards, and rushing yards), the score at the end of the half, anytime touchdown scorers, which team will score first, and what type of score it will be (field goal, safety, touchdown), etc.

Some states, such as Ohio, are cracking down on amateur athletics prop betting. Make sure you are up-to-date with the latest prop bet wagering laws in your state.


Can I bet on events happening off the field during the college football championship game?

No, you cannot bet on exotic college football props at most legal sportsbooks. While prop bets related to off-field events are typical for the Super Bowl (such as the length of the national anthem or whether the coin toss will be heads or tails), they are not common for the college football championship game.

Who is the current college football championship odds favorite for 2024-25?

The Georgia Bulldogs are the current betting favorites to win the 2024-25 college football championship.

When is the college football championship game?

The 2025 college football national championship game is scheduled for Monday, Jan. 20, 2025, at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA.

How do you bet on college football?

If you are located in a legal betting state, you may bet on the college football championship odds. All you need to do is navigate to any sportsbook operating in your location, go to the NCAAF section, and place a bet on the odds that appeal to you.

How does the college football playoff work?

Prior to this season, the top-four ranked teams would battle it out in a two-round playoff. Now, the field has expanded to 12 teams, with the five highest-ranked conference champions receiving automatic bids. The next seven highest-ranking teams will round out the field.

The top four teams will receive first-round byes, while the 5-12 seeds will play each other in the first round, with the higher-ranking team hosting at their home field.

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