NHL Odds: Hockey Puck Lines, Moneylines and Totals

Today’s NHL Odds: Hockey Puck Lines, Moneylines & Totals

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Latest NHL Odds Updates

The NHL season is down to four teams featuring a pair of north vs. south matchups. The schedule will alternate between the Eastern Conference Final and the Western Conference Final, so bettors could have a game to wager on each day through June 4 if each series goes to Game 7.

Eastern Conference Finals: (A1) Florida Panthers vs. (M1) New York Rangers

The New York Rangers had no trouble with a first round Washington Capitals sweep, and they weathered the Carolina Hurricanes in six games to reach the ECF.

Florida dropped just one game in its opening NHL Playoff series with the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Panthers closed out their conference semifinal in six games, ending the Boston Bruins’ season.

Western Conference Finals: (P2) Edmonton Oilers vs. (C1) Dallas Stars

Canada still has a chance to win its first Stanley Cup since the 1993 Montreal Canadiens.

The Edmonton Oilers opened the playoffs with a 4-1 series win over the Los Angeles Kings. They held off Vancouver in seven games to claim the final spot in the NHL Conference Finals.

Dallas has eliminated the past two Stanley Cup champions on its way to the WCF.  The Stars won a seven-game series against the defending champion Vegas Golden Knights in the first round. They needed six games to eliminate the 2022 champion Colorado Avalanche in the conference semifinals.

We will have a new champion in 2024. Who will it be? Line shop for NHL odds from North American sportsbooks to find the best lines. Stanley Cup odds change with every playoff win and loss.

NHL Odds

Bettors will find various NHL game lines on which to place wagers throughout the season. Here are a few examples:

NHL Moneylines

Moneyline bets are popular across most professional sports leagues. Players can simply focus on picking the winner. Payouts are adjusted to account for team inequity (i.e., you’ll make more money betting on the underdog than the reverse).

NHL Puck Lines

Also called NHL puck line bets, these allow gamblers to “bet the spread.” Basically, bettors wager on which team will win a game based on the spread of points necessary for a payout. This allows players to enjoy wagering action even when betting on the underdog team since it’s harder to win money by placing bets on the favorite.

All odds are posted with negative values representing the odds or spread for the favorite team, while positive values represent the spread for the underdog team.

For a basic moneyline bet, a team with a -130 score means you’ll need to bet $130 to win $100. A team with a +130 score means you’ll only need to bet $100 to win $130.

During an NHL game, certain events can affect game odds both during the match itself and the odds leading up to game day. These include:

  • If a player is injured
  • Both teams’ prior victory and loss records
  • Coach changes
  • Player trading
  • Whether a team is playing at their home stadium

NHL Prop Bets

NHL prop bets are usually released by major sportsbooks close to the postseason marker. For this season, that might be around May, as the playoffs are expected to begin around this time, with the finals games occurring sometime in July.

NHL player props typically focus on the contenders to win the Conn Smythe Trophy, which marks a player as the NHL MVP for the playoff tournament. Odds will typically range between +100 to +1000 and reflect oddsmakers’ estimates of players’ abilities and their raw point production. Odds also take the chances of a player’s team winning the Stanley Cup into account.

View today’s NHL player props

NHL Futures Odds

Players can place NHL futures bets based on future events. These are usually wagers surrounding the Stanley Cup winner or those who make the playoffs. You’ll get more money by betting earlier in the season than later since the NHL futures odds become less risky as time goes on.

Stanley Cup

Stanley Cup odds are often reflective of how the previous season played out. But they also take into consideration the expectations for specific teams.

The Florida Panthers entered the 2022 Stanley Cup Final with -135 odds to win, but they eventually fell to the Vegas Golden Knights in five games.

These odds are subject to change year-round. Instances such as injuries, suspensions, and trades can increase or decrease a team’s odds at the Stanley Cup. Only time will tell if the current top teams stay at the top or if some underdogs emerge.

Playoff Odds

The odds to make the 2022-23 NHL playoffs will be adjusted throughout the year. When diving into the Stanley Cup futures market, it’s important to stay up to date with current trends for each team. The NHL playoff odds are constantly updated as teams go through winning streaks or losing streaks and as different players are traded, become injured, or are otherwise affected during the season.

TeamsOdds to Win the Stanley Cup
Dallas Stars
Edmonton Oilers
Florida Panthers
New York Rangers

Live NHL Odds: Hockey Betting in Real-Time

Some of the best sportsbooks will offer in-play or live betting, though not all of them do this for the NHL. In-play betting allows you to place wagers on events that are occurring or are likely to occur during a live game. Many top-tier sportsbooks will even let you livestream game footage as you place your wagers.

For NHL in-play bets, all the live betting odds are calculated from the pre-match odds that are then considered with the current score, plus additional factors such as injured players, the time remaining, and so on. Thus, in-play bets are still heavily connected to pre-match odds.

Placing an in-game bet is quick and easy with most sportsbooks that provide this feature:

  • Find the game you are watching, either on a TV or through your mobile app if it provides a live streaming service.
  • Pull up your betting slip and select the tab or section that says “live betting.”
  • You’ll find a selection of NHL wagers to place regarding the current game. Odds should update automatically and consistently.
  • Place your wager using your normal betting slip and see how things turn out.

NHL Odds — News & Updates

Which States Offer NHL Betting Odds?

The majority of big legal sportsbooks in the US allow NHL betting odds. This lets hockey fans to place wagers on NHL lines provided that their state has legalized online or retail sportsbooks.

Currently, more than two dozen states have some form of legal sports betting, either at retail sportsbooks or online sports betting sites. Nevada, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania were some of the earliest states. More recently, Colorado, Michigan, Illinois, New York, Ohio, and Virginia have launched online betting.

For an overview of where you can bet in the US, check out our guide on US Sports Betting Apps

How to Sign up for an NHL Betting App

Signing up for an NHL betting app is quick and easy. Use our site or others to determine which sportsbook will be a good pick for your bets this season.

If you’re on an iPhone device:

  • Type the name of the betting app you want into the App Store search bar
  • Download the app once you find it

If you’re on an Android device:

  • Type the name of the betting app you want into the Google search bar. The Play Store does not allow gambling apps at all
  • Find the “download” section of the sportsbook’s size
  • Download the mobile app and install it on your Android device

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can complete the registration process by providing a few pieces of personal information like your Social Security number, your address, and your date of birth. Depending on the state you live in, you may need to visit a retail casino to complete the registration process (Illinois, for example, requires this, though most states do not).

After registration is complete, you can then make an initial deposit and claim any opening bonus if applicable. Bank transfers or credit or debit card deposits are usually the fastest means of funding your account.

Once your account is funded, you can start placing NHL bets right away. Some sportsbooks might provide you with NHL betting tips depending on the one you pick, so choose wisely.

What to Look for in NHL Betting Sites

Any great sports betting site with NHL wagers should have excellent odds and available game lines, first and foremost. Hockey may not be as popular in America as it is in Canada, but that’s no reason you should settle for shallow betting markets when there are plenty of betting sites with more varied NHL odds.

You’ll also want to look for betting sites that offer NHL betting promos, plus offers specific to hockey lines. For instance, some sportsbooks like DraftKings provide mobile-only NHL wagers. Others might offer bets for which player will be voted the MVP during the playoffs.

If your NHL betting strategies have a focus on long-term action, be sure to find a sportsbook or betting site that allows you to place a future bet on who will win the Stanley Cup this season.

Wondering how to bet? Start with our how-to-bet guide!

Bet Tracking

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Is NHL betting legal in the US?

Yes, in a growing number of states. Gaming Today has a list of states with legalized sports betting to determine if you can place a bet on hockey during the NHL season.

Who sets the NHL odds?

All major sportsbooks have their own oddsmakers who set odds to win NHL games and futures bets. However, sportsbooks will also sometimes take other books’ odds into account, so most books end up with pretty similar odds for major events like the Stanley Cup.

How far in advance can I place NHL future bets on the final?

You can place NHL future bets for the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs and final match up a few weeks prior to the beginning of the season. In addition, you can place NHL futures bets throughout the course of the regular season and playoffs.

Do online sportsbooks offer NHL Draft odds?

Some of them do. DraftKings and FanDuel often have draft pick odds. Not all states allow away-from-the-ice bets, however. Don’t worry, sportsbooks customize their apps and websites state-by-state so you’ll only see legal bets based on where you are.

Does DraftKings offer NHL odds?

Yes. DraftKings offers play-friendly NHL odds before and throughout the season.

Does FanDuel offer live NHL odds during a game?

Yes. FanDuel offers live sports betting for both the NHL and other professional sports leagues like football, basketball, and more.

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