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The World’s Game, The Beautiful Game, futbol or soccer, whatever you call it, there are plenty soccer events that bettors can tune into this year. Major League Soccer is already underway here in the US, and Premier League is just kicking off.

For bettors unfamiliar with the rules and betting lines for soccer, we will try to make things simple for you. On this page, you will find the breakdown of soccer betting odds, types of soccer bets, leagues, and opportunities. Soccer can be immensely rewarding and a valuable asset to a bettor’s portfolio because there is such a deep selection of competitions on which to wager across the globe.

How to Bet on Soccer

Now that we have gained your interest in the soccer market, let’s discuss how to bet on soccer. The trickiness of betting on soccer lies in its typical three-way offerings—patrons can pick either Team A, Team B, or draw, with corresponding odds.

In any sporting event, there is enough difficulty in simply attempting to pick one of two sides, with points and/or odds involved. Mix in a third element, the dastardly draw and the challenge can seem to magnify geometrically.

When betting on soccer, experience is the great intangible, requiring years, if not decades, to develop certain gut instincts. Perusing a set of 14, 16, or 20 matches or a weekend stocked with 70 games is enviable. That’s the reward when instincts and experience combine to pinpoint an angle on a few matches.

Keeping up with the latest soccer news in the U.S. and across the world is an important piece of wagering on games. Not only do players get injured, but players can leave for international duty with their national sides are that much more taxed. Who is being rested and who has been pressed, say, with five or six matches over 10 or 11 days, must be followed and noted.

The greatest gray area is motivation. A team with no shot at a domestic regular-season crown but is still alive and thriving in a domestic tournament must be circled. Those are the types of details that must be followed like a hawk.

It is important to read up on the types of bets in soccer to ensure you know what you are putting your money on.

How Soccer Bets Are Calculated

Oddsmakers at each sportsbook establish the above-mentioned odds, totals, goal lines, futures numbers, and all other figures related to soccer betting.

A combination of experience, power rankings and insights from colleagues and other experts factor into their equations and final numbers. They also track what is typically referred to as “sharp” money from bettors who have fared well in the sport and adjust their figures accordingly.

Injuries, coaching changes, potential roster alterations, and a run of poor or excellent form can also affect a team’s match odds as a season unfolds.

A team in England in the middle of the Premier League that has been running well in the FA Cup, say, might place more stock in trying to win that domestic tournament than continuing to spin its wheels against a top side in the league.

So if there’s a string of three matches in five days and that middle match is an FA Cup fixture, that team might rest a couple of its top players in the game before the cup match to ensure they are rested and ready for that tournament.

That is vital information to monitor when betting on soccer.

Types Of Soccer Bets

For those new to soccer, there are some different ways to place your wagers and opportunities to look out for that you might not be used to with other popular sports in America. Getting familiar with all the different types of soccer bets can help not only with your winnings but understanding the game.

Match Result

The match result is betting on the match’s outcome, including three different possible outcomes. A win for either team or a draw. The lines are calculated by an odds maker and will showcase the favorite, the underdog, and the likelihood that the teams could draw.

For example, Team A could have a moneyline of +175, meaning they were the underdog. Team B would have -110 odds, meaning they are the favorite. The draw line will most likely showcase a positive odd, for example +250, as a result of a draw being less common than a team winning outright.

Soccer Spread

The spread is the margin of victory or defeat that will come from the result of the match. For example, Team A might have a spread of -3 and Team B a spread of +3. The negative sign indicates that the team is the favorite, and the positive sign shows that Team B is the underdog.

If you were to bet on Team A, they would need to win the match by more than three points to cover the spread and be considered a winning bet. If they win by exactly three points, it would result in a push, and the bet would be refunded. If you bet on Team B, they can either win the game outright or lose by less than three points to cover the spread and result in a winning bet.

Asian Handicaps

Consider these advanced plays, but we address them because of their popularity abroad. A game with an AH of 0 means it’s evenly matched. Bettors take one side or the other, and if it ends in a draw, the money is refunded.

This type of betting essentially removes the Draw from a typical three-way wager, distilling the decision to one of two sides minimizing risk.

So if a wager is made on Team A at +0.5 and it wins or the match ends in a draw, the bet is a winner.

If a bet is made on Team B, in another match, at, say, -1.25, half goes on -1 and the other half at -1.5. If Team B wins by two goals, both wagers are winners. If it wins by a single goal, the former is a draw and the latter a loss; ultimately, less money is lost. Consider it a form of insurance.


A parlay combines at least two options from different matches, a popular activity since it enhances the payoff if both hit.

Just remember that on the three-way, it can be a challenge to win just one of the three options. But let’s say you wager on Team A at +120 (risk $100 to win $120 as a solo play), to win Game 1 and Team D at -130 (bet $130 to earn $100 by itself) to win Game 2.

Should both come in, a $100 parlay on Team A to Team D, would return $289.23. The more “legs” that are involved, the greater the payoff.

Professionals, however, avoid these like the plague due to the difficulty of them being profitable over the long haul.

Soccer Futures Bet

A futures bet is a wager on a team to win a league, domestic, European, or international tournament to be decided a few months down the road, or in the case of the World Cup, sometimes a few years in the future.

An epic example of this type of wager in the US occurred on July 15, 2015: Someone at Silver Sevens in Vegas placed ten bucks on Leicester City to win the Premier League at 2500-to-1 odds.

Leicester, behind striker Jamie Vardy and the rest of a side immortalized as “The Unbelievables,” won England’s top flight for the first time since its inception in 1894.

Almost exactly one year after making the wager, the bettor won $25,010—the principal of $10 and the $25,000 winnings.

In England, those were the highest odds ever paid out by many veteran bookmakers.

How To Bet On Soccer Props

Sports bettors can use many different soccer props during or before a soccer match. The key to learning how to bet on soccer is understanding the different props and what each one means.

Goal Scorer Bets

Users can place wagers on players that will score during any given match. One option is for Player A to score anytime during a match. This can be in the first or second half and can be the first, second, or third goal scored. Users can also bet on the first goal scorer of the match; this would mean that Player A would have to score the first goal out of either team or the bet would not hit. First-goal scorer bets always have higher odds because users are less likely to predict that outcome.


Another prop users can bet on is the amount of corners that will occur in a match. This can also come in the form of betting over or under the amount of corners that will occur. This is a nice bet to add on to a same game parlays as most of the times, the odds aren’t very high. Users can take these bets as individual team corners or a combined team amount for total corners in the match.

Correct Score

Users can bet on many outcomes of a match, including the exact correct score. This narrows down not only the winner but how many goals each team will score, if any. Bets can be placed on the correct score at half, and the correct score at regulation play (90 minutes).

Soccer Leagues to Bet on

The great thing about soccer is it is happening year round. Across the world, leagues, tournaments, friendlies, are accessible for sports bettors to wager on. Review below to see which league is in season to wager on now and any important tips.

Major League Soccer

Do not discount the US top league for opportunities to fatten the wallet. The MLS regular season runs from late February to October, with a few weeks added on at the end of the season for playoffs. This year’s MLS Cup winner was The Columbus Crew. Look ahead to the 2024 MLS odds to get a head start.

MLS is a league on the rise that’s finding its place in the global landscape. From a big-picture perspective, seeing how the league positions itself is interesting.

Many MLS clubs have started making bigger signings, taking veteran players from European leagues to retire in the US. This has given MLS a larger audience and eyes on the American talent out on the pitch with Premier League legends.

The most recent example is Argentinian National Team captain Lionel Messi, signing with MLS club Inter Miami. His transition to MLS has taken over ticket sales demand and revenue-generating opportunities from merchandise and affected games on the road attendance for other clubs.

Premier League – England

The English Premier League (EPL) is the top tier of professional soccer in England. The league consists of 20 teams battling it out for the championship title.

As the top of the pyramid, each team will play each other twice, totaling 38 matches. The bottom three teams ranked each season get relegated to the Championship and the top three teams from The Championship get promoted to the Premier League. Take a look at EPL odds to get started.

Championship – England

Champions League odds are worth checking out for those looking to get into betting on soccer. England’s second division is called “The Championship”. The top two finishers in the table automatically qualify for promotion to the Premier League. The third and final promotion spot is determined through a four-team playoff. Meanwhile, the bottom three teams from the Premier League are relegated down to The Championship.

Fulham, Nottingham Forest, and Bournemouth earned promotion into the Premier League for the 2022-23 season. They’ll take the spots of Watford, Norwich City, and Burnley, who will now have to scratch and claw their way back into England’s top division.

Serie A – Italy

Perennial Italian powerhouse Juventus has seen its Serie A drought stretch to two seasons without winning the scudetto. Inter Milan broke the streak in 2020-21 and then watched crosstown rival AC Milan take the top spot in 2021-22.

The “Old Lady” is primed to reclaim its crown in 2022-23, bolstered by summer reinforcements. They’re led by towering striker Dusan Vlahovic, who scored seven goals in 15 matches after arriving from Fiorentina midseason.

Juventus and Inter Milan are both +175 at DraftKings to finish atop the Serie A table. AC Milan (+400) and Napoli (+1400) draw the third and fourth shortest odds as the clubs most likely to make a mildly surprising run to a Serie A title.

Sides like Roma, Lazio, and Sassuolo offer additional intrigue with European aspirations and/or exciting young talent.

Bundesliga – Germany

Bayern Munich has won the past 10 titles, demonstrating a run of dominance rarely witnessed on the European stage. They’re massive -600 favorites at DraftKings to the Bundesliga, and rightfully so. They’re also +700, FanDuel’s fourth shortest odds, to win the Champions League.

It will take a monster effort to unseat the German giants, but there are a few teams in line to take a shot. Borussia Dortmund underwent significant staff and personnel changes during the summer, but they’re priced +800 at DraftKings. That’s second shortest on the board. RB Leipzig (+1000) and Leverkusen (+2000) are among the likeliest to break Bayern’s stranglehold on the league.

The Bundesliga is home to some of the continent’s — and world’s — top talent. It’s a league willing to gamble on young players, signing them and playing them. It also frequently produces talent that matriculates into England’s top tier.

La Liga – Spain

La Liga power Real Madrid returned to the top of the La Liga table in 2021-2022 in addition to winning the Champions League title. Needless to say, it was a memorable season for “Los Blancos”. DraftKings installs Real Madrid as the +110 favorite to win the La Liga title again in 2022-23.

They’ll look to hold off principal rival Barcelona, +150 at DraftKings. Barça came on strong in 2021-22, and they have eyes on knocking off Real to reclaim hold of La Liga. They own the most La Liga titles (26) of any Spanish side and serve as perennial contenders on the European stage.

Atlético Madrid is a thorn in the sides of Real Madrid and Barcelona. They unseated the league’s heavyweights to take home the 2020-21 title. Manager Diego Simeone leads Atlético and his side plays with the grit and bites that he developed as a player.

Spain’s top three sides frequently make their presence felt in Europe, as does Sevilla, six-time winners of the Europa League.

Ligue 1 – France

The top of the French first division was restored with Paris Saint-Germain returning to its familiar perch. They’ve won eight of the last 10 Ligue 1 crowns, and DraftKings prices them at -1000 to win again in 2022-23. Those incredibly short odds illustrate the dominance the French side has experienced in France’s top division.

The real prize for PSG is the Champions League. They’ve made a habit of falling short in Europe’s top club competition. FanDuel prices them at +650, the third shortest odds at the sportsbook.

While Ligue 1 isn’t renowned for its stiff competition in the league, some of the world’s best talent is developed in France. French talent is scattered throughout the world’s top leagues.

PSG figures to receive the most resistance from Lyon and Marseille, both +1400 at DraftKings, but on paper, it doesn’t look like they’ll have enough to finish off a surprise upset in 2022-23.

Liga MX – Mexico

Mexico’s top division doesn’t receive the same global attention as the European Big Five, but it produces compelling, exciting, and often high-scoring action.

Liga MX operates in two cycles, the Apertura (or opening) in 2022 and the Clausura (or closing) in 2023. Atlas is the reigning champion of both the 2022 Clausura and the 2021 Apertura cycles.

Another of the compelling features of Liga MX is the large number of Mexican internationals playing in the league, concentrated among some of the top sides such as Club America and Chivas. The Mexican national team has run into some struggles on the international stage in recent years, but they’re still a rich and passionate soccer nation.

Best Soccer Betting Odds

We are ready to place our bets! Scroll through all the top leagues’ futures odds below:

EPL Odds


Ligue 1 Odds

Bundesliga Odds

Champions League Odds

Best Soccer Sportsbooks

The best soccer sports-betting apps include Caesars, DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetRivers and more. These sportsbooks offer the best soccer odds, props and bonuses to new and existing users. Check them out below to start placing wagers on soccer around the world.

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The soccer industry is growing rapidly. It is best to research each state for the current status of whose books are operating within those borders. From there, it will be easy to gauge which offers and whose odds are most appealing.

The Growth of Sports Betting and Soccer in the US

The expansion of legalized sports betting in the US has resulted in nearly half of the country having some form of legal sports wagering.

Oddsmakers at the industry’s sportsbooks set odds on all the professional sports, and soccer menus are especially deep with all of the action going on around the world. That it happens to be the world’s most popular sport is one reason why such games and tournaments are being offered.

Another reason, which many behind the counter will not divulge, is that the shops do very well in booking soccer. It’s a great revenue stream for them, which means it’s a challenge for the bettor. But with tact and discretion, bettors can make money on soccer.

Retail Sportsbooks for Soccer Fans

The Westgate SuperBook, which has expanded into Colorado and New Jersey, is a premier destination for any bettor seeking to elevate the stakes with a wager or two.

At the SuperBook, John Murray and Jeff Sherman post numbers on Serie B (Italy’s second division), the Jupiler Pro League (Belgium), the Allsvenskan (Sweden), South American domestic leagues, national tournaments, and more to feed a growing appetite in the game.

William Hill US, now Caesars Sportsbook, began in 2012 with its acquisition of three smaller books and has continued to grow. Its global empire began in WWI when Mr. Hill ran betting sheets in BSA’s industrial plant in Birmingham, England.

Its soccer expertise is first-rate. Even though Caesars mounted a successful multi-billion-dollar takeover bid in spring 2021, the company vowed to keep operations and personnel smooth through the end of 2022. Expect it to continue unabated way past that time frame under whatever new company name it might assume.

Circa Sports is always setting trends, as in offering yes/no proposition options, that are carving its niche in the business. At South Point, book director Chris Andrews and lieutenant Vinnie Magliulo keep their soccer offerings fresh and are a must-stop on the circuit.

Soccer Betting Partnerships

In 2019, BetMGM inked a four-year deal with Major League Soccer to be its “official sports-betting partner,” an association in which both entities hope to benefit from being exposed to the other’s consumers.

In October 2020, FanDuel signed an exclusive partnership agreement with D.C. United. In 2018, William Hill announced such a link with the Las Vegas Lights, a team in the lower-level United Soccer League.

And in March 2021, BetMGM linked an exclusive partnership deal containing many cross-marketing and promotional plans with Borussia Dortmund of the German Bundesliga. It’s BetMGM’s first foray into Europe.

Sportsbooks and gambling sites have long advertised in Europe, even having their logos emblazoned across teams’ uniforms, which the MLS allowed in 2019. Signage is prevalent in stadiums across the Continent, which is beginning to appear in US stadiums as well.

Soccer Odds FAQ

How popular is soccer in the US?

NBC’s commitment to air English Premier League matches in the US has resulted in increased ratings. The partnership has been so successful, in fact, that they signed a six-year extension in 2021. Additionally, German and Italian matches can often be found on cable networks and streaming platforms.

MLS recently added a 27th team in Austin, Texas, and there are additional plans to further expand the top flight of US soccer.

Average game attendance has recently surpassed that of the NBA and NHL, so there is an abundance of optimism that the sport is on the rise in America.

Is it legal to bet on soccer in the US?

Yes, betting on soccer is legal depending on the state. The industry has been expanding rapidly in the three years since the US Supreme Court struck down a federal law, paving the way for each state to decide its own sports-betting fate.

Do all sportsbooks offer soccer betting in the US?

Most do, but it would be best to consult with each individual book to review their offerings. Menus and odds can be different at each book, so it is wise to shop for the most beneficial returns.

Does soccer have partnerships with any US sportsbooks?

FanDuel has a deal with D.C. United and BetMGM has an overarching pact with MLS. William Hill is linked with a minor-league side in Las Vegas. Parties on both sides hope exposure benefits will be mutual.

Is live in-game betting available for soccer?

Yes, and it can be very entertaining and rewarding. But it sometimes requires constant attention and hair-trigger reactions to capitalize on a run of play and other factors like injuries.

Who has the best odds on soccer?

It depends on what is being sought, and it always requires vigilance and dedication to compare odds on various mobile apps to ensure maximum profit, for example.

For Vegas soccer odds, it’s always wise to check the numbers at Circa Sports and the Westgate SuperBook. The figures at those two shops will often trump what’s available elsewhere.

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