Super Bowl MVP Odds 2025

While anticipation for the 2024-25 NFL season is building following the NFL Draft last week, odds for the 2025 Super Bowl MVP next season are not yet available at the top-rated NFL betting apps. Continue to check back on this page for the latest Super Bowl MVP futures odds once they’re posted later this summer.

Super Bowl 59 will take place on Feb. 9, 2025 at the Caesars Superdome in New Orleans.

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Current Super Bowl 59 MVP Odds

The odds to win Super Bowl MVP for the 2024-25 season have not yet been released.

Where to Bet on Super Bowl 59 MVP Odds in 2025

The top sports betting apps will all offer Super Bowl MVP odds for 2025 later this summer.

How to Bet on Super Bowl 59 MVP Futures Odds

Betting on who will be named MVP of Super Bowl 59 will be straightforward once sportsbooks make those odds available. First, head to any legal sports betting app available in your state. From there, navigate to the NFL section, then NFL Futures. Under NFL Futures, you’ll see Super Bowl MVP odds and be able to click on the player with the most favorable odds.

It’s hard to pick a Super Bowl MVP candidate this time of year, but Patrick Mahomes will be a good option to consider after the Chiefs star won the award the last two seasons. Other players with a good chance to win this award include the quarterbacks of the top Super Bowl contenders, according to oddsmakers. San Francisco QB Brock Purdy, Baltimore QB Lamar Jackson, and Detroit QB Jared Goff will be solid bets entering the 2024-25 season.

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Super Bowl MVP Odds History

Super BowlSuper Bowl MVPPositionOdds (on SB Game Day)Team (Playoff Seed)
57Patrick MahomesQB+130KC Chiefs (1)
56Cooper KuppWR+600LA Rams (4)
55Tom BradyQB+190TB Bucanneers (5)
54Patrick MahomesQB+105KC Chiefs (2)
53Julian EdelmanWR+2500NE Patriots (2)
52Nick FolesQB+460Phi Eagles (1)
51Tom BradyQB+125NE Patriots (1)
50Von MillerLB+2500Den Broncos (1)
49Tom BradyQB+200NE Patriots (1)
48Malcolm SmithLBNASea Seahawks (1)
47Joe FlaccoQB+275Bal Ravens (4)
46Eli ManningQB+200NY Giants (4)
45Aaron RodgersQB+150GB Packers (6)
44Drew BreesQB+300No Saints (1)
43Santonio HolmesWR+1200Pit Steelers (2)
42Eli ManningQB+300NY Giants (5)
41Peyton ManningQB+100Ind Colts (3)
40Hines WardWR+1000Pit Steelers (6)
39Deion BranchWR+1500NE Patriots (2)
38Tom BradyQB+200NE Patriots (1)

Quarterbacks have won the award the most (31 times), followed by wide receivers (8), running backs (7), and defensive players (linebacker—4, defensive end—2, safety—2, cornerback—1, and defensive tackle—1). A special teams player has won MVP honors in the big game once, Desmond Howard, in Super Bowl 31.

A quarterback usually wins, but other positions have begun to stand out a lot more in recent years. QBs usually get selected over receivers since they touch the ball on every play, but Kupp was the catalyst that led to the Rams winning in 2022. That was also true when Julian Edelman won MVP honors for Super Bowl 53.

Then you have games like Super Bowl 50, where the defense played the most significant role for the Broncos by shutting down Cam Newton and the Carolina offense. That is why linebacker Von Miller won MVP honors for that game.

The importance placed on the passing game makes it hard for running backs to have MVP-caliber days. That could explain why Terrell Davis was the last running back to win (Super Bowl 32).

Super Bowl MVP Odds For 2024

Super Bowl MVP odds consider certain things that the regular season MVP does not — like whether a team is likely to play in the Super Bowl and which team they may face. The odds for players from lower-seeded teams will be exponentially higher since they will be considered underdogs throughout the postseason and unlikely to win the Super Bowl.

Of course, as teams get eliminated from postseason play, players will drop off the list, and those remaining will see their odds get shorter. Why? Because with each passing week, it becomes more likely they make it to the Super Bowl and have a chance to win MVP honors.

Super Bowl MVP odds are available at legal sportsbook throughout most of the season and playoffs. Odds will favor players from the top-seeded teams since their Super Bowl odds are the shortest.

How To Bet On Super Bowl MVP Odds

Finding a sportsbook that carries Super Bowl MVP odds is not hard to do. The tricky part will be deciding which one to sign up with. Of course, you want the one with the best odds, but that is not the only factor. Bettors should also look for a sportsbook with the most welcome bonus they can benefit from.

When you sign up for an account, be sure to enter the promo code in the appropriate spot (if needed).

Once you register for an account and make your first deposit, it is time to place your bet. Navigate to the book’s NFL page and find the listing for the Super Bowl MVP. Click on it and enter the amount you wish to wager in the appropriate box. Then, once you are ready, click on ‘place bet’ to place your bet.

Super Bowl MVP Odds FAQ

Who is favored to win Super Bowl 59 MVP?

Oddsmakers have yet to release odds for the winner of Super Bowl 59.

Who is responsible for Super Bowl MVP voting?

Since 2001, the Super Bowl MVP vote has consisted of a fan vote (20 percent) and a media vote (80 percent). Fans can from when the fourth quarter begins until the game ends. The media vote comes from 16 members of the media in attendance at the game.

When is the Super Bowl MVP announced?

The Super Bowl MVP gets announced in the moments following the conclusion of the Big Game.

Where can I find Vegas Super Bowl 59 MVP odds?

You can find Vegas Super Bowl MVP odds on most sports betting apps throughout the regular season and NFL playoffs.

Is betting on Super Bowl MVP odds legal online?

Yes, betting on Super Bowl MVP odds is legal — but only in states where sports betting is legal.

Who sets the odds for the Super Bowl 59 MVP?

Sportsbooks set their own Super Bowl MVP odds. Oddsmakers use their experience and available information to set the odds and adjust them as necessary leading up to the Super Bowl.

How far in advance can I place a Super Bowl 59 MVP bet?

You can place a bet for the Super Bowl MVP odds once odds get set, usually during the regular season. With each passing week of the season and playoffs, the Super Bowl MVP futures will be adjusted for eligible players as some teams advance while others get eliminated from contention.

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