MLS Playoffs in Full Force this Weekend

Nov 6, 2015 9:30 AM

I think it is time to stop writing about the English Premier League for at least a few weeks. This season has been absolutely terrible. What frustrates me is that some games get so hyped up, then they just turn out to be snoozers like the Manchester Derby for example. It is what it is, but a much needed break is here with the MLS playoffs.

Now we won't be getting to crazy, so we'll only be playing one side and total. For the record I will be staying away from the Sounders since I'm still upset about them knocking out the L.A. Galaxy (I know I'm a homer). 

Sunday, November 8 

Portland Timbers (+0.5 -130) vs. Vancouver Whitecaps: I always give the advantage to the road team in the second leg of a playoff, especially with the aggregate being 0-0. If the Timbers score first look for them to sit back and protect that goal especially since a 1-1 tie still gives them the pass to the next round. All the pressure is on Vancouver and I just don't think they're up for the challenge. Timbers 1 Whitecaps 0 

Montreal Impact vs. Columbus Crew (Over 3 +110): Look, Columbus has to throw everything at Montreal in order to get the first goal and equalize on the aggregate. If that does happen they will definitely try to sit on that draw. There's only one problem, one of the best strikers in the world, Didier Drogba, is on the other side. I can't tell you who wins, but I can tell you there will be plenty of scoring; especially if Montreal can somehow get the first goal. Impact 2 Crew 2 

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