Alien is out-of-this world 1¢ slot

Dec 21, 2004 3:10 AM

Penny slot machines are the hottest games on the casino floor. And today’s games have far surpassed the offerings from decades back.

Today’s penny slots offer a full compliment of games that one would expect in the higher denominations. Moreover, there are innovative games and progressives that make playing these penny machines truly exciting.

IGT has been among the leading slot makers to recognize and capitalize on the penny slot games. Here are a few of their latest offerings that have players buzzing.

Alien Video Slots

Unfortunately, there’s no Sigourney Weaver as Ripley, but you’re in for an out-of-this-world experience with the ALIEN video reel slots game. This 5-reel, 20-line theme brings out extraterrestrials of all kinds as three or more Cat symbols trigger a scatter pay.

Remember how spooky the eggs were in the Alien mother ship? Imagine an ALIEN Egg Bonus when the egg symbols land on reels 3, 4 and 5 of a played line. You then select one of 9 eggs and the revealed credit values are added to your total bonus win.

The "Collect" symbol awards the player two times the initial bet for each remaining unselected egg, and that amount is added to the total bonus win.

At the end of the bonus, the total bonus win is multiplied by the number of initiating lines.

The ALIEN Hunt Bonus begins when three spaceship door symbols line up on reels 1, 2 and 3 of a played line. The bonus features six possible rounds; the first five rounds begin with six boxes at the bottom of the screen, each of which contains a weapon, a "Throw All" symbol, or an alien.

When you select a weapon, its credit value is added to the total bonus win and you play another round.

When you select a "Throw All" symbol, all credit values are displayed and added to the total bonus win, then a new round begins, and play continues until an alien is selected.

In the sixth and final "air lock" round, you are prompted to press the on-screen button, the revealed credit value is added to the total bonus win, and the bonus ends. The top award is reached when five ALIEN game symbols land on any payline with the maximum bet wagered, and you take home the top award of 200,000 credits!

Cleopatra Video Slots

Take a trip down the Nile with Cleopatra video slots, and experience the mysteries of ancient Egypt! Just as this passionate ruler captivated Rome’s great generals, she’s certain to keep players spellbound.

This 9-line or 20-line game produces exotic Middle Eastern music and the sultry voice of Cleopatra herself, charming you with phrases such as "Look into my eyes" and "I wish you great prosperity."

Reel symbols are straight out of ancient Egypt, including a scarab, a hieroglyphic eye, a flail, a cartouche, and stylized poker symbols. Animated flaming Sphinx symbols indicate scatter pays, and the Cleopatra bonus rewards players with 15 free games with all wins three times the normal value.

Deep Pockets Video Slots

This popular newcomer is a 25-line, 125-credit, multi-denomination theme featuring animated Aussie natives Hapi, Goe, and Luki; a land train full of indigenous Oz animal reel symbols; and Roo, a bouncing boomer of a kangaroo whose bonus game Outback antics will have you feeling like you’ve gone native.

Heads up, mate! Three or more whirling Boomerang symbols on the reels spin up a scatter pay bonus of up to 500 white-ring target symbols anywhere on reels two, three and four with less than max lines played and you’ll target a bonus win.

However, if the three target symbols land with max lines played, Roo the kangaroo creates a three-digit offer by tossing, lawn-dart style, three of his pouch’s 0 through 9 digits in the Deep Pockets secondary bonus.

Pressing the Keep Win button awards the displayed three-digit offer. Press Modify Win, and Roo draws an award-transforming "land down under" character from his pocket-o-plenty: like the digit-rearranging Tasmanian devil, a value-multiplying rabbit, or a boomerang that returns a new three-digit award.

If Roo draws a bomb, the lowest number of the three-digit offer is removed, leaving a two-digit award. Another target symbol adds a zero or five to the end of the offer, creating a four-digit bonus win. Nabbing five helmet-goggled Roo symbols on a payline initiates the Outback bonus round.

Accompanied by music from a 50s sock hop, you lead Roo down successively lower steps to add hidden credits, times a last step multiplier, onto the credit meter. With five wild Deep Pockets game symbols on a played line paying a 10,000-credit top award and a backyard lawn sport bonus game paying up to 9,875 credits, the Deep Pockets video slot game will have you yellin’ "Criekey!" like a true-blue Aussie!