Top seniors honored at Foxwoods

Dec 21, 2004 3:45 AM

Carol and I were invited back this year by Kathy Raymond, Director of Poker Operation at Foxwoods, to host "The Seniors" World Championship of No Limit Hold’em.

There were 295 senior poker players who paid $500 to play in this years event. Plus Foxwoods added $2,000 to the cash prize pool, creating a cash prize pool of $149,500.

This was a new record to be awarded to the winning senior poker players. The senior players were required to have been born on or before October 28, 1954 in order to play as a senior in this event.

Men Nguyen defeated 294 senior players and took home $43,640, plus a total of 25 places were paid.

There was an extra happening just before "The Seniors" World Championship of Poker No Limit Hold’em poker tournament got underway!

"The Seniors" WCOP Poker Players Hall of Fame held a special induction ceremony for its newest member, Perry Green aka The Man from Alaska.

I have known and loved Perry for many years. Last year at Foxwoods, "The Seniors" WCOP Poker Players Hall of Fame inducted Spike Gallas.

Each year an outstanding member of "The Seniors" world of poker is selected for induction. I sure hope the folks will tune in next week and I will tell you all about this poker happening!

But first I want to tell the folks a little bit about Foxwoods.

Foxwoods is a Wonder Land: At every turn a special thrill, a magical moment. It’s a place to laugh, to dine, and to applaud headline entertainment year round. A place to enjoy the newest slots and the hottest tables.

I am sure you will forgive me if I have trouble getting my head back down to size.

My great, great, grandfather was married to an Ossage Native American (Indian) princess, so by nature of birth I am a 1/64 Native American, and I am very proud of my Native American heritage.

And I remember at my grandfather’s knee that he told me that the early Native Americans were given many, many promises by the great white father in Washington. One of these promises was, as long as the grass grows and the water flows this land shall be their land, but the great white father forgot to tell them that if gold or oil, or if the Native Americans were to build a casino, that the white man would resend all promises.

But the great white father made a mistake and wrote some of these promises down on paper and they were signed in blood, so that today the Native Americans are forcing the white man to keep some of the promises that were made to them, but let me back up just a minute.

The 1763 Royal Proclamation declared that the lands west of the 13 original colonies were reserved to the Indians and that settlers must remove themselves from these lands. Private purchase of Indian lands were prohibited. This Proclamation applied all the way from what is now Canada in the north, down to Florida in the south.

Well, boy I really got up on my soap box, but I will step down to ground level. I do think that things have a way in this world of working themselves out.

Which brings us back to Foxwoods, which is owned by the Mashantucked Pequot Tribal Nation in Connecticut and is reported to be the richest casino operation in the world.

Oklahoma Johnny Poker Tip of the Week

Poker players must live long if they are to prosper!

It takes time to learn to play poker correctly and to have enough time for the cards to find you. Poker is a waiting game — so live long and prosper!

Until next time remember to stay lucky.