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Golden Palm finds a cozy niche

Dec 21, 2004 4:27 AM

Tucked away at the corner of Tropicana and Industrial is a modest hotel-casino that has become the life of the party.

That is, if your party includes all-night karaoke.

Voted the best karaoke nightspot by several publications, the Golden Palm features karaoke contests, amateur performances and other promotions that keep the lounge/casino crowded most weekends.

The modest casino contains a nice mix of slots and video poker machines, but the real star here is the bar, which runs the full length of the casino.

At one end of the bar is an elevated stage-like area that splits its time with live bands and karaoke shows. Flanking the split-level stage is an alcove for pool players.

The bar has a small town ambiance — not the dark and dreary "cry into your beer" kind of bar, but more like those friendly college-town bars in which bartenders are prescient and everyone is carefree.

Adjoining the casino is the Golden Palm’s 24-hour restaurant, which was once an International House of Pancakes franchise. (In its previous life the Golden Palm was a Howard Johnson’s.)

The restaurant serves solid American favorites at bargain prices. Most dinner entrees are under $10, and you can get a great steak or filet of salmon for about $15.

The restaurant’s early bird and graveyard specials include steak and eggs or ham and eggs for only $1.99. — D. Stratton