Betting ‘outside’

Dec 28, 2004 2:44 AM

When you bet outside, you can give the dealer $40 and he places $10 bets on the four, five, nine and ten. The five and nine pay $14 (7-5) and the four and ten pay $18 (9-5). The combination of the four numbers will roll 14 times out of 36, as compared to six times for the seven, giving you more than a 2-1 advantage.

If you continue to place the outside numbers for 36 sample rolls, you’ll win $220 (six times $18 plus eight times $20). It’s unlikely to happen, but still you won’t lose too much money betting in this manner.

To turn these outside numbers into profit makers you need to buy all of them instead of placing them. You can buy the four and ten in many casinos for $39 and only pat $1 vig on each. You should also be able to buy the five and nine also for $38 with the same $1 vig for each number.

So, now you have $38 on the five/nine, and $39 on the four/ten. In 36 theoretical rolls, you should win on these numbers 14 times — three times each on the four and ten, and four times each on the five and nine.

On the four and ten, you’ll win $78 (2-1). Since the four and ten roll three times each (total of six times) you win a total of $468 (six times $78). On the five and nine, you’ll win $57 (3-2). Since the five and nine roll four times each (total of eight times), you win a total of $456 (eight times $57). So the total possible win (if you win all 14 of your bets) is $468 plus $456 or $924.

The seven, however, should roll six times and if you have all four bets up when it rolls you’ll lose all of them for a total of $154 ($38 times two plus $39 times two). In this worst case scenario, though, you won’t lose much: $154 times six (rolls of the seven) is also $924 so theoretically you will break even (minus the vigs).

Practically, you can buy all four numbers and then take each down as they hit. If you’re unsure about the shooter, take all your bets down after any one hit. If the shooter is a proven one, take each bet down as they hit, and when you win all four bets (for a total of $270), wait for either another qualified shooter or until this shooter throws a seven (hopefully) on the next come out) before you buy all four outside numbers again!

The next time you play, remember to give some attention to the outside numbers, They are rarely used and can be very profitable.