The Lodge

Dec 28, 2004 3:21 AM

The Lodge

5790 South Fort Apache

Las Vegas


Meat quality: 8-oz, Grade-A beef

Type of fries: large, steak

Bun size: thick

Drink: various beverages

Order method: server

Wait time for meal: 15 minutes

Price: $8 (approx)

Atmosphere: spacious, sporty

Rating/comment: 4½ wimpys




One of the many sports bar / restaurants spouting up all over Southwest Vegas. The Lodge, off Russell Rd near the 215, is pleasing to look at both outside and in. The servers and bartenders are really sexy, particularly the lunch crew. Oh yes, the meal. Almost forgot. Excellent burger with plenty of juice. Great fries — large and plentiful. Our only knock was the American cheese. Way too much cheese. You could choke on it! Eliminate the cheese, and you have a home run. Since AC belongs on burgers, we have to deny the high five. We’ll just remember to avoid the cheese at The Lodge and return. Cute tattoos.