Frankie Valli to the Flamingo

Dec 28, 2004 3:22 AM

I’m delighted that my wonderful friend Frankie Valli will be making the Flamingo his new home. Frankie and I go back a long way as we were both produced (records, my dear) by Bob Crewe. He was always there for me when I was becoming a recording star. As you might have read, he is entangled in a nasty divorce and may be moving here.

Local icon Buddy Greco is currently performing in the Palm Springs Frisco Follies with his wife Leslie Anders and rumor has it that they have put their house here up for sale to make Palm Springs their permanent residence. Stay tuned”¦

The New York Granddame, Queen Ruth Bowen, has arrived here with her new husband, Billy Bryant, for their honeymoon. Bowen was the agent and manager of such stars as Dinah Washington, Brooke Benton, Sammy Davis Jr., Aretha Franklin and yours truly for 35 years. She is one of the first women of power in the entertainment industry and the first to have a black agency. I was her token white.

The hit team of Allen & Rossi (Marty Allen & Steve Rossi) hasn’t been together for years and their personal relationship could be described as "strained" at best. Yet, every time Rossi has a new project, Allen gets included. When Rossi opened a restaurant that bore his name (he was hired to front it), he invited his former partner, and other friends, to the opening and then presented them checks for the food and drinks they consumed. Rossi did it again recently with a Palm Springs radio commercial for a show he’s performing in the desert city. A friend told Allen that on the commercial Rossi says, "Hi, this is Steve Rossi, and my good friend Marty Allen would like you to come see our show”¦" Aging sure affects people in strange ways! Sudden Departure: The usual "to pursue other opportunities" was the statement released by Journal Broadcast Group, owner of KTNV-Channel 13, concerning the sudden departure of evening anchor Ross Becker. A friend, who knew Becker from his anchor days in Los Angeles before he joined KTNV in March 2002, said he recently told him that he was "delighted to be in Las Vegas" and was enjoying his job and living in Las Vegas. He also said that the Channel 13 news team was "terrific" and that he was looking forward to "witnessing the city’s phenomenal growth." Becker replaced Ken Hamilton, whose personal problems caused his departure.

The late comedian Buddy Hackett’s Malibu home is in escrow for an amount in the range of its $4 to $5 million asking price, according to the Los Angeles Times. The announcement coincided with Hackett’s widow, Sherry, breaking ground on the Buddy Hackett Singita Animal Sanctuary in the northern San Fernando Valley, a 15,000-square-foot, no-kill sanctuary that they founded three years before his death as a nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue and adoption of abandoned cats and dogs. Hackett’s son, Sandy, is the producer and one of the stars of the Rat Pack show currently playing at the Greek Isles.

Despite the virtual shutdown of Studio Vegas, talks continue to bring back another version of "Vegas Live!" — this time as a late-night show. Producers, I’m hearing, are attempting to tie the show into the 2005 centennial celebration. The local outlet will be KTUD.

I want to wish all of my GamingToday readers a prosperous New Year. It’s the party season and I have enjoyed some wonderful, small intimate parties, and with this weather it does feel like this is the season to be jolly. We are all getting ready for the centennial parties. The New Year will be very special for all of Las Vegas’ residents and visitors.