Accurate information will pay at the window

Jan 4, 2005 4:45 AM

EDITORS NOTE: Each week GamingToday will feature some helpful hints and angles from the top sports book managers in the industry. This week: Ken White, Las Vegas Sports Consultants.

If you are looking to receive some accurate inside information, this is your man.

"We’re sitting in the office amazed," said White, head marksman for the LVSC "mob." The whole world puts out Detroit -3 and the Jets —3. We opened the games Tennessee -2½ and St. Louis —2½.

"Detroit is on the road. Volek (Titans QB) is going to play. St. Louis is at home and needs to win the game. We think the Rams and Titans will win and I know our clients our going to be rooting for the Lions and Jets. The wiseguys are going to be taking the Titans and Rams. The books are set up to lose both."

Result: Wiseguys and White were right.

"It’s been a tough year in the NFL for the house," he said. "Every team has covered at least five times. Plus, the "squares" are no longer just betting the favorites. They are doing the research, taking more underdogs and winning a lot more. A lot of parity at the bottom end, but not at the top."

"The ones make the most money, however, are the corporates. They fly in each weekend and say, ”˜Give me New England, the Colts and Pittsburgh for $50,000 each. Best year they’ve ever had. Hopefully, they are taking some of that money to the tables."

"Just let everyone know we didn’t pick Detroit and the Jets to be favorites. The public did."

So noted.