Maybe NFL rules should apply to Florida elections

Nov 28, 2000 8:00 AM

Florida continues to wallow in controversy. I think we should apply the same rules of the NFL to the presidency. An election too close to call should go into a 15-minute overtime. Or better yet, sudden death.

That would be much quicker and cleaner. Can you imagine a football game being decided the way this election has been run?.

Only in America can the rules for football be more easily understood than the rules for electing a president. Denny The Dog’s best bets were understood to be mostly winners again last week. Here are three more selections to soothe whatever ails you:

GIANTS (+5) vs. Redskins

SAINTS (PK) vs. Broncos

EAGLES (+1½) vs. Titans

Thursday, Nov. 30

LIONS +9 vs. Vikings: Both teams were big favorites on Thanksgiving. Both stuffed their opponents like turkeys by easily overcooking the point spreads. Now these two big birds will square off this Thursday night.

Everyone knows how many weapons Daunte Culpepper has in his arsenal, but those same people are shortchanging the Lions. Charlie Batch has been outstanding. James Stewart has become a threat in the backfield since these two teams last met.

The Lions’ D has also become a force in their first three game win streak of the season. I feel a little sorry for Bobby Ross, who gave up on his team and/or himself about one game too soon.

Sunday, Dec. 3

COWBOYS +10½ at Tampa Bay: If Dave Campo’s team — I’m sorry; I mean Jerry Jones’ team — had any intention of overcoming adversity, you’d think they’d have shown up to play harder on Thanksgiving. Bucs continue to struggle offensively, but overwhelming D and special teams will push them into the playoffs. John "Friendly Fire" Lynch should dislocate his shoulder every week based on his performance versus Buffalo. Cowboys have some starters hurting, but nothing will hurt their pride worse than the high point total of this spread!

Giants +5 vs. SKINS: Brad Johnson may return to QB this week. Have a feeling the Skins may squeak this one out, but not by more than three points.

PANTHERS +8 vs. Rams: Many people refer to the Rams as the greatest show on earth. Well, in Las Vegas lingo, the greatest show on earth might be going dark for the holiday season. Kurt Warner will try to re-energize the Rams this Sunday. St. Louis lost their last two, and four of their last six games. The Panthers hung one of those four losses on the Rams four weeks ago in St. Louis.

Dolphins +3½ vs. BILLS: Both teams beset by numerous injuries. Fish have a two-game lead so Bills face desparate situation. I think the Bills’ dings outnumber the Fish, who are missing gills. Miami with valiant effort in Indy with back-up running back and back-up QB forced into action. Most fish don’t like hooks, but they’ll love this one!

Seahawks –1 vs. FALCONS: I don’t like what I’m seeing from either club. Seahawks have won two of their last three. Falcons dropped four in a row.

EAGLES + 1½ vs. Titans: The Eagles are starting to believe they can actually win the NFC East. Donavan McNabb’s legs are more impressive than his arm. More important, he’s making good decisions, unlike Steve McNair. The Titans are still playing poorly and kicking game is very shaky!

Raiders –5 vs. STEELERS: The only team the Raiders fear is Denver. Since Mike Shanahan doesn’t coach the Steelers, the Raiders won’t blink! The Raiders are rolling and they will not let an inconsistent QB like Kordell Stewart stand in their way.

SAINTS PK vs. Broncos: Oh, those pesky Saints. First they lose Ricky Williams. Then Jeff Blake bites the dust. Then they have to go inside the big top in St. Louis, where the greatest show on earth plays. Do they fold the tent? No way! You can bet your Aaron Brooks they play on and upset!

BENGALS –3 vs. Cards: Both teams are so bad, both coaches packed their bags at beginning of season and left town. Only feeling I have on this game is that the home team may have incentive to play a little harder than the visitors.

49ers –2 vs. CHARGERS: Pick comes down to Jeff Garcia over Ryan Leaf.

JETS –3 vs. Colts: Jets have won two straight since losing 23-15 at Indy. Colts headed in opposite direction with ugly losses to Packers and Dolphins.

JAGUARS –13 vs. Browns: Browns’ rushing attack is about as convincing as a dimpled chad. Browns are a "no" vote until further notice.

BEARS + 2½ vs. Packers: In case you haven’t noticed, the Bears have started to play very well at home since their bye week. If you don’t believe me, just ask the Colts and Bucs. Packers will have their hands full.

Monday, Dec. 4

Chiefs +2 vs. PATRIOTS: The Chiefs have trouble with scrambling QBs. Drew Bledsoe is no big threat to pop outside the pocket.