Hot dog!

Jan 18, 2005 8:09 AM
I don’t know when you’ve seen it before or how many years will go by before you see it again. But this Sunday everyone will bear witness to a home dog in the AFC title game. The Pittsburgh Steelers will be an underdog on their own turf. A Steelers team which has won 15 straight games. Incidentally, in the middle of that winning streak Pittsburgh smoked the New England Patriots. So, what do the linesmakers come up with after that spectacular show? The Steelers are treated like a dog. The best in show? No way. The Pats are a 2½ to 3 point favorite! You can talk about disrespect all you want. But the insult doesn’t go any deeper than a home team taking points in a championship game. You can talk about motivation for a title game until you are blue in the face. There will be no inspirational speech necessary for this game. Bill Cowher couldn’t have written a better rallying tune. The three points the Steelers have to take from the oddsmakers rings out loud and clear! I kept looking for the home teams to make a late season surge in December, but it never happened. Finally, after lulling me to sleep, the home teams flexed their muscles. I think they will continue to sizzle this week. Sunday, Jan. 23 Falcons +4½ at Eagles: So much for Philadelphia losing its mo-jo! I thought the Vikings might catch the Eagles napping after losing Terrell Owens and their last two regular season games. But Andy Reid did it right. He lost one star to injury and wasn’t going to lose any more players for the playoffs. So Reid rested everyone and the Eagles took their lumps in the final two games against St. Louis and Cincinnati. But Philly hasn’t lost momentum, even though they’ve lost T.O.