‘Hands on’ approach

Jan 24, 2005 12:19 AM
Almost invariably, whenever I come out and describe how I deviated from expert play on a certain hold and ended up with a powerful special quad, the so-called experts restart their rant of “Yes, he was lucky to hit it, but if he makes that play all the time, in the long-run he will lose more than he will win.” It is truly a response to behold. Why? The statement I have here that can easily describe it all is a simple one, yet the more one thinks about it the more complex the meaning behind it becomes: They are applying long-term rules to short-term, goal-oriented play, and to do so turns a blind eye on the meaning of a strategy meant to win day-in and day-out. While the game of video poker certainly has its roots based in mathematics, it stands to reason that if one chases mathematical perfection over however amount of hands, they can possibly fit in throughout their lifetime, no player will never beat the casinos at their own game of holding the long term edge. And given that all players — regardless of how arrogant, smug, or marketing-oriented they are when talking or writing about their play — make far more errors than they ever realize or will admit they do, it is easy to see why the casino-resorts are all like palaces and all the players live in comparative shacks. There has been one famous exception that I know of over the years, but truly successful and wealthy people do not play video poker. So how do you approach this game without either falling off the deep end or becoming so confused with what every expert has to say that it seems like you’re beating everyone’s drum but your own? It isn’t easy, but listen up and learn: Play as the casinos would have you play and you will lose; play exactly the opposite as they want you to and you will have a very good opportunity to win. You want to chase every promotion, jump on every cash-your-check or the-more- you-play-the-more-cash-drawing-entries-you’ll-receive and/or get roped into every enticing slot club offer in town, then you’ll need to be educated why you’re playing directly into the hands of all these casino managers. But approach the game in an intelligently clever manner by doing just as the casino & slot club marketing departments don’t expect you to do, and you’re chances of winning on every visit just went up by a factor of at least 10. How does one outsmart the odds that are stacked against him? My five personally developed winning Play Strategies on my site www.vptruth.com clearly explain every detail FOR FREE, but the bottom line answer is bankroll, discipline, determination, a pre-set plan of pre-set goals, and the ability to immediately walk away from the action as well as all the tempting distractions the moment those goals — win OR lose — are attained. Clearly, my approach to playing is a world apart from those who say to play perfectly forever on games with a theoretical payback of greater than 100 percent. After all, that method is what builds such beautiful casinos and hotels, is it not? Do not the casinos care ONLY about the amount of long-term holds on their machines? Then why would anyone ever think they could outlast or outsmart ANY casino over a long-term affair? Make sense yet? When I look back at all the jackpots I’ve won playing my strategies, many of them have occurred simply because I took advantage of the opportunities the machines afforded me along the way. My special plays that deviate from optimal strategy both allow for certain mini-goals to occasionally be hit as well as the session-ending big winners. Because I play only games where there are bonuses for hitting four Aces, preference is almost always given to holding a single Ace above all else. I can’t begin to tell you how many quad Aces I’ve received from doing just that, and in my game, Aces overwhelmingly mean that I’m going home. After Bonus Poker, my two favorite games continue to be Double Double Bonus (DDB) & Triple Bonus Poker Plus (TBP+). Just this past year on a $25 machine I recall where I was down a little over $11,000 in my Romp-Thru-Town progressive play strategy, and on the $25 machine playing TBP+ I was dealt 22244. At 45 credits that’s a hefty $1125, but since that would not have allowed me to attain any particular goal, I tossed the 3’s. While the experts say with such a dumb play I’m throwing away some ridiculous amount over my lifetime — which has absolutely NOTHING to do with the game I was playing on that day only — they always forget to understand that it’s entirely possible to still hit a full house! But on this day I was blessed with good luck as a fourth 2 appeared for $15,000 which meant an immediate trip home. What would happen if I held the full house and continued on? Who knows — but experienced players know losing is much more common than winning. In my case, since the progression doesn’t commonly get to the $25 range, this hit along with others I’ve had in the past far more than make up for any theoretical giveaway the others claim, with their math models, there is about this type of play. It’s not often that we have the chance to go for a goal, and if we don’t take advantage of the times we are allotted this opportunity, we will not win. Maybe you ought to take a look back at your play and recall the many times you made the safe play so you could have a guaranteed extra couple of hands to hit something worthwhile, only to find yourself out of cash in short order. These are the hands that got away. My Play Strategies do not calculate out to over 100 percent on paper or on any geek’s computer, but that’s not how you consistently beat the game either. How will you ever know what’s to come up on the draw unless you give it the chance to be seen? Most people just can’t get themselves to do this — probably because of the brow beating they get from the math folks — and that’s exactly why casinos continue to take their money.