A geography lesson: It’sOkie hold’em

Jan 25, 2005 2:49 AM

Carol, we have been invited to return to Tulsa to host a "The Seniors" World Championship of Poker tournament at the Cherokee Indian Tribe’s new poker room this year.

The Cherokee Nations Enterprises (CNE) will be in operation soon. This will be the Foxwoods of Oklahoma.

Each year we go back to Foxwoods to host The Seniors WCOP at the Foxwoods World Poker Finals.

It will be wonderful to return home to Oklahoma and host a WCOP in my hometown.

All the gang in Oklahoma have been e-mailing and calling me about this new CND poker room, and today I got this e-mail from Dale in Tulsa and he wants to know a little bit about the upcoming tournament.

He also wants to know how to play BAJA OKLAHOMA poker.

He said he read about the poker game in one of my columns in GamingToday and that he had been talking with the poker players in Tulsa and some of them have never heard of "Baja Okie" poker.

Yes, honey you are right: I got myself in a little bit of trouble this time. You told me it would happen if I kept on telling all those tales about poker and things and not always sticking to just the facts.

Ever since we were in Ireland a couple of years ago, I have noticed that I just seem to imagine things sometimes. When I climbed up those little narrow rock stairs to the top ramparts of Blarney castle in Blarney, Ireland and got down on my back and leaned out into space and kissed that Blarney Stone, it kind of changed me. And gave me a license to charge or enlarge a story now and then.

But I always tell the folks that I only give them my Oklahoma Guarantee that 97 percent of what I tell them is true. And that the other 3 percent may have a little bit of Blarney in it.

Well, there is some fact and some Blarney in the Baja Oklahoma poker story.

Now, I will lay you and the folks 8-5 that you or they cannot pick out the 3 percent that may be Blarney and the 97 percent that is fact.

Here goes:

First everyone knows that Northern Mexico is called BAJA California and I have been told that the only thing that keeps Texas from falling into the Gulf of Mexico is because Oklahoma holds onto it!

In the early 1950s, Dee Louis and Cecil Wilcox from my home game in Tulas took the game of BAJA OKIE poker to Las Vegas.

Two of the players from that home poker game in Tulsa where I played poker were to become future World Series of Poker world champions. (E-mail me [email protected] and I may tell you who they were!)

I will just say that at least two of the players from that home game have won the WSOP and that I have been awarded the only WSOP gold bracelet ever awarded by the WSOP for being the best all around player of the World Series of Poker here in Las Vegas.

How would you have liked to have played in that home poker game?

That was the birth of BAJA OKLAHOMA no limit poker and it was invented in that home game.

But back to Dee and Cecil — they introduced the game to Bill Boyd at the Golden Nugget. Bill liked the game!

Bill Boyd, the legendary poker room manager and member of "The Seniors" WCOP Poker Players Hall of Fame, liked the game so much he created what has become the no limit poker tournaments as we know them today.

Bill Boyd’s first poker tournament was called Most Money Won and it was a cash game. More about this in another column.

Somehow, the name Texas got stuck to the poker game from Oklahoma, the no limit hold’em poker game!

But everyone should be told that it should have been Oklahoma no limit hold em’ poker.

So, yes, I have to admit that I did create the name, Baja Oklahoma Poker.

What’s true and what’s Blarney?

Until next time remember to stay lucky.