BJ expert challenges LV casinos

Jan 25, 2005 4:46 AM

A blackjack player and creator of the "triangle" system of play has made an open challenge to casinos that he can win $90,000 playing blackjack using a starting bankroll of $10,000 — and he’s willing to bet up to $100,000 to prove it.

"My challenge is not for a one-shot bet on one hand," Gary Headrick told GamingToday in an exclusive interview. "It’s a legitimate ”˜grind it out’ challenge to beat the casinos in a legitimate fair game."

Headrick says his system doesn’t use traditional card counting or any other known advantage system, nor is he part of a "team" of blackjack players.

GamingToday has obtained a copy of the system and would allow any casino manager/operator the chance to examine it before accepting the challenge.

"I’m confident I will win, but should a casino get lucky I would double the stakes and try it again!" Headrick said.

Details of Headrick’s challenge can be found on his web site,