‘Ultimate’ condos set
for La Concha site

Jan 25, 2005 11:32 AM

It will have units that sell for up to $2.3 million. It will have limousine service. It will have not one but two wedding chapels.

It will have high-end restaurants, three levels of convention space, and a 14,000 square-foot health club with an aerobics room and a dry sauna.

It will have an outdoor nightclub called Heaven, which will appear magically after dark over a swimming pool and then disappear at daybreak.

But perhaps most impressively of all, it will have Kohler toilets that are described as "the Rolls Royce" of privies.

The person offering that description is Dominique Doumani, sister of Lorenzo Doumani, who is the CEO and visionary of Majestic Las Vegas, a $350 million condo/hotel project that is being built in conjunction with The Conrad Corporation next door to the Riviera Hotel.

The site is the former home of the El Morocco and La Concha motels, two low-rent elements of the city’s colorful past that have been swept away to provide space for yet another offering of permanent housing on the Strip for people of means. The Majestic, as it is referred to by the Doumanis, will indeed be for people for whom price is not a consideration.

"Everybody who comes in here will be a high roller," says Lorenzo Doumani, who adds the goal is to make the Majestic "the premier luxury five star brand in the world. This is for very discreet, high-end" guests looking for "individualized and personalized service."

His sister says that, in contrast to say, Turnberry Place, the Majestic will "provide everything you need in one space. The only thing you have to go out for is gambling."

She says the desire to keep guests under the one roof was one of the reasons the Majestic will have a whole foods supermarket, the kind of attraction that she thinks will appeal to "young and hip" guests.

The plan is for the Majestic to offer 272 hotel units in the part of the project that will be managed by Conrad, the upscale division of Hilton Hotels Corp. The condo part of the tower will be divided into 14 floors of residences with 14 units on every floor and 15 floors of manors with six units per floor. The residences will range in price from $397,500 to $940,000 and the manors from $1,600,000 to $2,350,000.

Construction on the 59-story, 654-foot tall project is set to start in April; completion is scheduled for December 2006.