From anthems to Johnny and filling time until SB 39

Jan 25, 2005 12:28 PM

Wow! If you were lucky enough to catch both National Anthems before the games on Sunday they were really great,

The first song by a young boy brought tears to the eyes of many at the game. The second singer, a young girl, just belted it out like I have never heard before.

Now that’s the way to big sporting events should start. Who needs all these stupid half time shows that no one even cares about. Well, now its on to the Super Bowl two weeks from now with the Eagles facing the world champ Pats.

Philadelphia finally got the monkey off its back with a super defensive performance and the "Brady Bunch" really put it to the host Steelers as advertised.

Now for you younger readers, who don’t know what I’m talking about, I will explain. With the departure of Johnny Carson on Sunday and a few other happenings during the week, it really make me realize how old I was getting. Early in the week I asked a young waiter for a cup of "Joe" and the person had no idea what I was talking about. That would be a cup of "Java". The young waiter asked if that was an Internet term. No I said, I just wanted a cup of coffee, thanks.

You really know your getting old when all you can find to watch on television is TV Land. I know for sure that the younger generation isn’t watching TV Land. As for The Brady Bunch, for you youngsters that was a TV sitcom many years ago. As for that "monkey," the saying comes from the days when the organ grinders would carry their monkey on their backs. The monkey would not perform until he got him off his back.

But losing Johnny Carson really got me. As I was sitting in a race and sports book and heard one person tell another he had just found out Carson had died. One young guy standing with the other two older gentlemen never heard of Carson. I knew then that I was getting old. In my younger days it was 7 p.m. at Waterford Park (now Mountaineer Park for you youngsters) then home to Johnny Carson. Now I’m usually in bed by eight and up by 5 a.m. and no Johnny, evermore.

Well we have the Big Game coming up and with two weeks in between we will cover that in next week’s Super Bowl edition. Talking about SB XXXIX, I was over at Bally’s Race Book last week and it was like Super Bowl Sunday over there.

The place was packed wall to wall with horseplayers from the windows all the way back to the entrance.

They were having the World Horse Racing Championship tournament. It was being filmed by ESPN and will be televised in a reality show. The one hour episode will be aired Feb. 20. I am looking forward to see how it comes out.

Again, my selection will appear in GamingToday’s Super Bowl edition next week. If you like, take a ride to Palace Station and ask Wayne in the sports Book.

Wayne knows everything about everything.