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seniors event
lands in Paris

Jan 31, 2005 7:33 AM
Carol, about the time the folks are reading this we will be on our way to the Aviation Club in Paris, France.

  We have been invited to return again this year to Paris and host the second annual European Seniors poker tourney on Monday (Feb. 7).   Believe it or not, they smoke in Europe but the wonderful management of the Aviation Club has again honored “The Seniors” World Championship of Poker” and agreed that this year’s tournament will be non-smoking. Remember, last year about this time we took our European poker tour and rode on the London “Eye” and on the double-decker buses and played pot limit poker at the old Vic in London Town. Then we took the bullet train under the English Channel and came up in Paris in time to host the inaugural of “The European Seniors” at the world famous Aviation Club on the avenue des Champs-Elysees in Paris. Our daughter, Sarah, and our invited daughter Claire came with us and the girls played a little poker with us in all the poker clubs in Europe. That is, when they were not snowboarding in the Alps or shopping in the fancy shops or visiting all the museums. Carol, it was nice to visit with our European exchange student daughters last year. I remember when Sarah was growing up we invited five wonderful young ladies from all over Europe to come to our home here in Las Vegas and live with us for a year and become our exchange student daughters. These young ladies have added an extra dimension to our lives. They are Jannie Rasmuessen from Denmark, Marita Lattunen from Findland, Nina Moniac and Annette Warke from Germany and Josefin Gerdevag from Sweden. Carol, I know that you have invited our exchange students daughters to join us in Paris again this year.  Also, I want to honor our troops by visiting Normandy where so many of our heroes gave their lives for the liberation of France and all of the other enslaved countries of Europe during the terrible days of World War II. Then I want to throw some more coins into the River Seine just for luck. I know it will be another real honeymoon for us in Paris. But I am sure that we will find time to go to the Palace at Versailles and visit Notre Dame and spend a lot of time at the Louvre. We will only stay a little over a week this year because we must return and complete the arrangements for the big poker happenings in Las Vegas and Oklahoma.   We have been asked by Dr. Henry Jay Bindson, president of the Las Vegas Lion’s Club, to help arrange a poker charity tournament for the benefit of the Diabetes Lions Club in conjunction with Diabetes Alert Month in March. Then we are arranging to go back to my hometown in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and host the grand opening of poker in Oklahoma at the Cherokee Nations Enterprises casino.   Finally, I have been asked to coordinate The Centennial Charity Classic to be held on April 30 at the Golden Nugget in beautiful downtown Las Vegas. The no limit poker tournament at the Golden Nugget will be an official part of the centennial celebration marking the 100th birthday of Las Vegas. I have been requested to advise the mayor of Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman, of a few of my Oklahoma Johnny poker tips. I will be the mayor’s poker adviser so that he will be sure to succeed. I will lay you 8-5 that the mayor will make it to the final table of this event. But the odds might be a little longer that the mayor will win the tournament because I am also Carol’s adviser. I expect her to win the first ever Centennial Charity Classic. This may be a conflict of interest, and I may be called before the ethics poker board to give an account of my actions at this tournament. Brooke Dunn, senior vice president of Shuffle Master, has arranged for his company to sponsor the Centennial Charity Classic. Shuffle Master poker machines will be used on 30 of the poker tables at the Golden Nugget. Also, Samuel A. Culotta, junior vice president of development at the YMCA of Southern Nevada, has worked long and hard to make this poker event a great success. Sam, Brooke, Bob, Tony, Dan and many others are doing a great job of lining up over 500 supporters of the “Y” to be at the Golden Nugget. For now, we expect cold weather in France in February, so pack me some of my Oklahoma long johns. Oklahoma Johnny poker tip of the week Here is one on my New Year’s resolutions: I know that the YMCA is often called the “Y,” so in honor of the YMCA and the Centennial Charity Classic, this year I will only play poker on the days that end in “Y.” Until next time remember to stay lucky.