Poker Machines Have Come a Long Way

Nov 29, 2000 7:31 AM

Video poker helped fuel the gaming machine revolution two decades ago, yet very few new games were added — until most recently. Today, manufacturers have tried to keep players interested a variety of new games. Here are some hot new numbers from IGT.

No matter which draw poker variation you choose, you can win on as many as 10 lines - five horizontal and five vertical - per game.

It all starts when you choose the number of lines to play (one to 10) and the bet per line. Just as would expect, five cards appear in the base hand at the draw and you hold the best of the five.

Now here's the twist: Because each hand is dealt from its own deck, the cards held from the original hand are scattered in the other lines of play. Press the draw button and the hands are completed, with winning hands and payoffs highlighted across the line and on the left of the screen.

Matrix Poker features up to 11 variations of draw poker, a convenient touchscreen with player-friendly graphics, and a 14-button player panel. Got a need for speed? Push the "Turbo" button to increase the game pace and jumpstart the excitement.

What makes Double Pay Poker a sure bet? First, it pays any winning hand dealt to you in the initial deal. You then draw to improve your hand, and get paid again for any additional winning hand.

But there's more! A winning hand activates the Double Up* double-or-nothing bonus feature. Press "Yes" and the game deals one card face up for the dealer and four face-down cards for you. You choose one of the facedown cards and if this card beats the dealer, you win double the amount won in the previous hand and the option to try Double Up again.

If you like to set your own pace, there's a "Turbo" button for increased game speed. Double Pay Poker has the added convenience of a touch screen, eye-catching and easy-to-read graphics, multi-denomination capabilities and some of the most popular Poker games around.

You've got a winning combination with Double Pay Poker.

Isn't it every players dream to play a winning hand twice? This game gives you two chances to win.

If you get a hot hand on the deal, you can play that good hand a second time. Or try your luck on a brand new hand. You simply bet the same amount on Play It Again as you did on the original hand. It's your choice to Play It Again!

What do you get when you cross Triple Play Poker with a video slot? A 1- to 9-line game that spin-draws the cards to you.

Picture this: the first hand is dealt on the center payline, with two other decks above and below it. So what you hold on the center hand is held on the top and bottom hands, too. This gives you the double-barreled variety of a multi-game and multi-denomination. Spin Draw's strategy is the same as for regular video poker, but the presentation is pure Game.