Pats ‘genius’ is no Einstein

Feb 1, 2005 2:01 PM

Is Bill Belichick a genius or just a good coach with a great team?

The only genius I know of in the last 100 years was Albert Einstein and now you can only get a bagel and coffee there.

The Eagles finally get to the big game and I think their defense will make the most of the opportunity. What I envision is a smothering defense that will force Tom Brady into putting the ball in the air more times than he wishes. I see a lot of third and long situations and even a few interceptions.

The Pats played their Super Bowl in Pittsburgh when they just came out and crushed the Steelers. I think many of the players have already sent their ring size in.

If Terrell Owens plays, the motivation factor is with Philly. The Eagles will be fired up with him or without him. I feel the answer to this game is that defense, which can shutdown anybody anytime anywhere. As you’ve seen all year, when the Eagles defense gets motivated they can stop the opposition dead in their tracks.

Back to Owens. The star receiver figures to be used mostly as a decoy. The team doctor did not give him clearance, but what physician would? They’re all trying to save their necks from lawsuits.

The two week break can only help Terrell heal the injury. Also, it gives the Eagles more motivation after seeing films of New England dismantling the Steelers in Pittsburgh. I see a loose Philadelphia team in Jacksonville ready to prove the skeptics wrong.

Those experts who see New England as possibly the greatest team of all time better rethink their position. Philly head coach Andy Reid is 9-0 coming off a bye.

I am looking around 21-17, or 24-21 for a final score. This could be the first overtime in "Big Game" history.

Look for the Eagles to keep it close and with a little break here and there eke out the cover and possible straight up win in what looks to be one hard fought battle.