7 ‘heaven’ in Vegas

Feb 8, 2005 12:17 PM

It’s Monday morning, the day after the "Big Game," and the Nevada Sports Books are breathing a big sigh of relief over the 24-21 result. The Patriots did not win the game by seven points.

At one time, New England covering the -7 looked to be a real possibility. That would have resulted in the refund of millions of dollars in wagers on both sides. I also know that Coast properties’ shorts were ready to get a little stained. They went to -7½ on Saturday and took some mighty big action on +7½ -105 with the Eagles.

I bet that they would like to rehash that move.

Of course they looked like the smartest people in the state when the Pats got the 10-point lead. Anyone can have hindsight but if you happened to read my column last week you will notice that my final score prediction was either 24-21 or 21-17. Now who’s the "genius"?

I know most of us are very aware of the homeland security color codes. If not, then pass this paragraph over.

In Vegas, the color was red alert. Not homeland, but casino security. Mostly they were on the lookout for cell phone abusers. They were everywhere, including a little old lady calling her son back in Nebraska to tell him that she was in Vegas having a wonderful time until some rude security person threw her out of the sports book.

Then there were the beer drinking college students just trying to have some fun spending some of their parents money betting on the Big Game. And, this priest from LA who had never been in a casino asking if he should lay or take the seven. I think he took the points before security threw him out. He did say God bless before he left.

Yes, cell phone abuse was running rampant in the books and they really kept security busy. In fact they were so occupied, a big fight at the bar was overlooked. Well, at least for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, the ladies of the night were left free to

proposition everyone. Not that I have any objection, just trying to make a little point.

Also, the NFL police were everywhere making sure that nobody was using the words Super Bowl or showing the game on a big screen TV. In fact, after the horse races ended, I skedaddled home to watch the game on my 19-inch screen. I just couldn’t afford a fine with my car insurance due and gas going back up.

For sure the NFL, though wanting no part of gambling, will be trying to figure out how the league can get a piece of all that Super Bowl money wagered. Watching the game and all the commercials, you realize it’s all about the money. The game is just hype.

I enjoyed a few of the commercials more than the game. It was refreshing to me to see a halftime show I could understand. Paul McCartney was just great. I wish that I looked that good at his age or even my age. Even Dennis Rodman showed his ugly puss in some stupid commercial sitting in a tub taking a bubble bath.

Dennis, by the way, has been on the wagon for some 16 months. The former NBA defensive standout is doing some work for PETA — the animal rights organization, not the bread. He does these spots in the nude, bearing all his hideous tattoos. The theme is wear ink instead of mink.

And he’s been on the wagon for 16 months?

All in all, the pre-game, game, halftime and final score were okay for me. Now, the NFL and cell phone cops need to pull their heads out of the ground and move into the 21st century.