Playing poker
(ooh la la!),
French style!

Feb 8, 2005 1:18 PM

Well, Carol, here we are again on the avenue des Champs-Elysees in Paris, France hosting the second annual "The European Seniors" poker tournament at the Aviation Club.

Honey, I sure am glad that you packed for me some of my Oklahoma Long John’s because in February in Paris, it is cold and it looks like more rain today.

I sure am happy that so many poker players e-mail me with kind words about this "Back in the Saddle Again" column that I write each week here in the oldest gaming newspaper in the world, the GamingToday.

So to honor those e-mails and kind words, I am going to write a few columns about some good things to do when playing poker and what has worked well for me over the past 70 odd years of playing poker.

Today as my Oklahoma Johnny Poker Tip of the Week, let’s talk about using the carrot and the stick.

I am a firm believer in the carrot and the stick philosophy. If the horse does a good job, feed him a carrot or some sugar, give him a treat. If the horse does not do a good job, gently hit him with a stick.

I remember the farmer was asked, "Why did you hit your mule in the head with that 2-by-4?" The answer was, "Well, I just needed to get his attention!"

When you play poker, you can use the "Carrot and the Stick." If you are playing well, reward yourself with an extra piece of candy or a cola or an apple.

If you are not playing well, make yourself wait for that treat until you play better.

Carol, I remember a while back, when we were visiting Rome and we went to the Cystine Chapel, I was reminded of a time when the Roman Catholic Cardinals were attempting to select a new Pope.

It is a tradition that the Cardinals meet in the Cystine Chapel to select each new Pope and that when the selection has been completed, they signal the world by sending white smoke out the top of the Chapel. This was to signal to the world that a new Pope had been selected.

One time, the Cardinals were having a little problem in selecting which of them would become the new Pope. They were there a long time; it went on for two, then three months.

The Old Boys were eating well, so it was decided to cut back on the food. And the very next day after the food rations were reduced, the white smoke came out of the top of the chapel, announcing that a new Pope had been selected.

So when they took the food off the table, the job got done.

When you are playing poker you must use this "Carrot and Stick" philosophy and your pocket book will like it.

Until next time remember to stay lucky.