Buying the 5 and 9

Feb 8, 2005 1:23 PM

Most crapshooters do not buy the five or nine as the 5 percent vig makes it unprofitable to do so. For example, on a $30 bet you would have to pay 5 percent of $30 or $2 just to make this buy bet.

If you place the five or nine for $30, you will win $42 at 7-5 odds. If you buy the five or nine for $30, you will win $45, but you’ll have to pay $2 vig.

So, you win $42 on the place bet and $43 ($45 minus $2) on the buy bet. You do get $1 more with the buy bet, but there is a way to make even more money.

Want to know the secret that craps pros use to buy the fives and nines?

Let’s find out.

The 5 percent vig that the casino charges is not a precise figure. On the $30 buy bet, most casinos do charge you $2, even though 5 percent of $30 is $1.50. However, if you ask your friendly dealer before you bet if he will charge you $1 vig on a $30 buy bet o the five/nine, they will usually agree, especially if you have a credit line, are friendly, call the dealers by their names and tip them.

You can take this one step further, by asking to buy both the five and nine for $30 each and only pay $2 vig for both bets. Usually this bet will cost you $3 (5 percent of $60). The, when either number hits just take the other one down. You’ll be doubling your chances of winning for the same low $2 vig.

Once you have the dealers trained to accept $1 vigs on the $30 buy bets, see if you canbump them up a little. A $40 buy bet will obviously require a $2 vig (5 percent of $40 is $2), but what about a $38 buy bet (5 percent of $38 is $1.90). Just ask your friendly dealer if you can make a $38 buy bet on the five/nine and only pay $1 vig. You have absolutely nothing to lose by trying this. When you win you’ll win $57. If you placed the five/nine for $35, you’ll win only $49.

As before, as if you can buy both the five and nine for $38 each. Then, when either number hits, take the other one down.

If you succeed and the table is hot with fives and nines, you might want to go up one step further. Most dealers will let you buy the five/nine at $50 for only $2 vig (instead of $2.50). The vig will change to $3 when it hits $60, so offer to buy the fine and nine for $58 each and only pay $2 vig. As before, when the first number hits just take down the other one.

At this level by buying the five/nine for $58 you will win $87 (at 3-2). If you placed the five or nine for $55 you would win $77. So, by spending just two more bucks you will win ten more dollars — well worth asking the friendly dealer.

By buying two numbers and only paying the vig for one of them, you are doubling your chances to win while still paying a minimum vig to the casino.

Now you know the secrets of the fives and nines.